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From Engineering in India to Studying Business in America


Piyashi Bhattacharyya is an international student in the Crosby MBA program.

Piyashi Bhattacharyya is a first-year student in the Crosby MBA program. She is concentrating in marketing analytics. Originally from India, she has an undergraduate degree in computer science from Annamalai University and worked as an engineer before deciding to continue her education in the United States.

Last night I sat back and scrolled through the pictures on my Facebook timeline.

I had a smile on my face and a sense of joy. As these memories of the last six months appeared, all I could think about was how different my life would have been had I not made one of the best decisions of my life to study abroad and pursue an MBA at the University of Missouri.

OK, so all of that might sound cliché, but trust me, I gave it a lot of thought before referring to this decision as “one of the best” of my life.

Let’s look back beyond the past six months:


Five Must-Read Books for Marketing Analytics Students

pinnellMike Pinnell graduated from the Crosby MBA program in December 2014 with a concentration in marketing analytics. He will work at DISH, accepting an offer with the company after an internship in which he provided insight into how customers use its self-service tools. Pinnell will live in Denver and looks forward to mountain climbing every weekend.
As I prepare to graduate, I have thought about what sparked my interest in analytics and which marketing analytics books helped me develop as an analyst. This list comes with a significant caveat, however: The field of marketing analytics changes so quickly that as soon as a book is published it is behind the times. To truly keep up, supplement these recommendations with sites like CIO for technology business news, Occam’s Razor for digital marketing news and strategies, Forrester for a blog run by analysts at various companies, Big Data University, and others. (more…)