Research for Marketing Decisions: The Art and Science of Surveys

Babyak, MeganMegan Babyak, an Eastern Illinois University business school graduate, is using the Crosby MBA program as an opportunity to continue to build her skills in marketing analytics. She has taken on leadership in the Mizzou Analytics Society, serving as the President, and represents the Crosby MBA program as a Student Ambassador. When reflecting on her decision to join the Crosby MBA community, she said the following: “I chose the Crosby MBA program because there are many opportunities to grow. The coursework has refined my analytical skills; my involvement in student organizations has strengthened my communication skills; and the community has given me a place to try new things without fear or judgement!”




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As part of the Marketing Analytics Certificate, the Crosby MBA program offers a class called Research for
Marketing Decisions. This course is taught by Dr. Marsha Richins, the Bailey K. Howard World Book Chair of Marketing. I was fortunate enough to take Dr. Richins’ Applied Statistics for Marketing course the previous spring, so I was excited to have her in class again. (more…)

Crosby MBA Entrepreneurs Find Startup Success

Acquiring an MBA from the University of Missouri requires you to become proficient in analyzing problems and identifying solutions in a constantly changing world. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit have the unique drive to take those ideas and work from the ground up to make them a reality. Bringing Up Business: Mid-Missouri’s Innovation Week, which took place Oct. 6-13, 2017, provided Crosby MBA students with an opportunity to showcase their skills learned in the classroom to their real-world startups. Riley Coy, dual MBA/JD student, coordinated with a team of veterinary students, law students, and local web designer to make their startup, House Collars, come to life. They then used the Columbia Startup Weekend as an opportunity to spend the weekend with 125 other individuals who have the same goal. Meanwhile, Crosby MBA Students and student athletes Eric Laurent, Jacob Hurrell, and Kristen Rivers were granted the opportunity to pitch their startup, Stor, “Shark Tank” style to key local entrepreneurs. Through the events of Bringing Up Business, both teams found success.


MBA Entrepreneur Collaborates with Medical Technology Startups

“These medical devices have the potential to make surgery safer and recovery comfortable for patients while reducing the high cost associated with current technologies.”

Last spring, I had the opportunity to work academically as a business investigator with an interdisciplinary research team.  My team and I conducted an in-depth analysis of the market potential for Optical Polarization Tractography (OPT), a newly developed imaging technology.  Through a series of stakeholder interviews, we confirmed the market opportunity for a fast, accurate, non-invasive screening device for cervical cancer – all of which could be met with OPT.  Since I had finally found the perfect application for my science and business backgrounds, I applied for and was granted a scholarship to work with two Columbia medical technology startups: Extent Medical Imaging and Hunter Biomedical Group.  Through my experiences, I managed small project teams, explored potential markets, and developed strategies for research and development of two major device concepts in the medical field. (more…)

How a Silicon Valley Company Taught Me the Importance of Culture Fit

“Finding a positive culture fit where my personal and professional goals aligned with those of the company improved my self-esteem and made it more conducive to carry out work to the best of my ability.”

During my first year in the Crosby MBA program, I actively pursued internship opportunities, conducting a lot of research and applying to many companies. One common suggestion among my peers and superiors was ‘to find the right culture fit’ in a company. I didn’t really know what this meant until I was done with my internship at Rambus, a technology licensing company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The land known to many as ‘Silicon Valley’ is the technology hub of the United States, and decidedly one of the most affluent and fascinating places. The name ‘Silicon Valley’ comes from a high concentration of semiconductor and computer industries that began booming in Santa Clara Valley around half a century ago. But can you believe that, back in the day, the city synonymous with start-up culture was once called ‘The Valley of Heart’s Delight’ for being a major fruit producer? With a stockpile of wealthy households, desert landscape, mountains, ocean, and a medley of brilliant minds, the bay area has a wildly different vibe. At first, the area felt somewhat overwhelming, especially to someone coming from the Midwest. (more…)