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Coffee and Community: Consulting with Santa Julia

My Nicaraguan story started a year before I enrolled in the Crosby MBA.

In 2016, as I was doing research on MBA programs, I came across the Mizzou Crosby MBA blogs that featured the recent ‘Nicaragua International Consulting’ experience. As I read through the writers’ adventures, I hoped to have similar exciting opportunities in my future business school. One year later, I was a member of the Crosby MBA community making preparations for the ‘Nicaragua International Consulting’ of 2017. (more…)

Laying Foundations for the Future | 2017 Nicaragua Consulting

The Crosby MBA program has afforded me many opportunities to learn and gain valuable experience, but the Nicaraguan consulting project has by far been my favorite. I was part of the first team to travel to Nicaragua in 2016 and consult for the women of Santa Julia. My experience was so rewarding that I chose to return on the following trip in December 2017 as the project team leader.

It is hard to know where to begin when I tell others about the wonderful experiences I have had over these two projects. The chance consult for a business in another country is amazing, but to return a year later and see the results of my team’s work has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this process. I knew after our first trip that there was more value to be created for our client, and I was elated that the Crosby faculty agreed to further pursue this project. My excitement only grew when I learned that I would be allowed to lead the next project to complete my consulting 25550139_10100506895564470_8921707322421848823_nemphasis requirements for my degree program. (more…)

Alumni Spotlight: Consulting in Nicaragua (Part 4)

Katie Wehmeyer taking photos at a volcano.

Katie Wehmeyer taking volcano photos.

“It was the perfect mix of human-centered consulting, economic development, Latin America, and coffee.”

Katie Wehmeyer, a 2016 Crosby MBA graduate with an interest in Entrepreneurship, saw the January 2017 trip to Nicaragua as an opportunity to learn by doing—an experience she grew to love and embrace during her time in the MBA program. “After graduating,” she says, “I started to re-appreciate all of the projects we had in the program, and how they exposed me to so many different industries and different problems to be solved.” Now working in a full-time position as a Biodesign & Innovation Fellow at Mizzou, she spends a great deal of her time working in the technology innovation space. By immersing herself in this opportunity and traveling outside of her comfort zone, she knew she would benefit from becoming even more well-rounded in the social sector of innovation, while also having a lot of fun. (more…)

I Can Handle This: Nicaragua Consulting (Part 3)

In January 2017, ten students, one faculty member, and one Mizzou alumna, traveled to Nicaragua on a project to consult with a women’s coffee cooperative. For details on their trip, check out parts 12, and 4 . The following is a reflection from one of the participants, first-year MBA student, Megan Babyak.

I Can Handle This

Megan Babyak getting ready to zipline.

Megan Babyak getting ready to zipline.

I knew I had to go to Nicaragua from the very first time I heard about the opportunity. If you ask those who know me, they’d tell you that I’m notorious for traveling. I live to experience new countries and to immerse myself in different cultures. Having never been south of the border, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to learn a great deal about Central America.

Preparing for the trip was slightly stressful. Not only was this my first time traveling to a developing nation, it was also my very first time participating in a consulting project. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our team performed extensive research on the country, its politics and people, and way of living before we left, and luckily, a consulting professor within the school of business gave us great insight on how to develop a structure and ask relevant questions. (more…)