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Lessons in Technology and Work Culture

For my Summer 2016 internship, I had the opportunity to work for Barrier Technologies (BT) in Kansas City. The company culture at BT made my internship a memorable and enjoyable experience. Specifically, the autonomy, team discussions, informal events, and hard-working environment all added to the technology company’s supportive and friendly culture.

During my internship, I assisted BT and Barrier Compliance Services in rebranding their digital segments and implementing a new client acquisition strategy. My role was professionally enriching thanks to the treatment and respect from my team. BT’s model elevated autonomy and allowed me to tackle several initiatives and propose strategies independently. As a result, I successfully helped launch initiatives in strategic thought leadership, direct marketing analytics, and branding strategies. (more…)

How to Prove Yourself in Marketing Analytics

Ever since I was in school, summer meant relaxation, traveling and spending time with family and friends… but this summer was different. I had an amazing opportunity to get real-life work experience in an analytics internship. I secured a position as a Programmatic Media Intern at Coegi, a media buying company that brings audiences and advertisers together through programmatic technology. I was excited and nervous, but aware that marketing analytics might not be the right professional path for me. Either way, I knew it would be a stepping stone to shape and strengthen my future.

Starting from Scratch

Getting an MBA degree in Marketing was a tough decision because I had no background or experience in this area. Originally from Gurgaon, India, I studied Electronics and Communications Engineering. Having worked with the biggest IT firms in the country, I had no skill set to prove my marketing analytics internship ability. Not only would it be hard for me to survive the MBA program, but also convince prospective recruiters on why I wanted to change my career path.

My first impression of Coegi came from their manager. I immediately noticed the passion in his voice when he spoke about their work, and how confident he was about their success and growth. That’s when I knew this would be a place where I could grow and realize my potential.

I joined Coegi as a Programmatic Media Assistant. I was trained on a plethora of tools to manage and optimize marketing campaigns of various clients. Within two weeks I was responsible for handling marketing analytics for entire projects. Not only this, I had discussions with my manager about my ambitions, hopes and struggles as he truly cares about my professional and personal growth. This place is a perfect example of a strong team dedicated to work towards a common goal. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, like a small family of ambitious and talented people who are not only dedicated towards their work, but also make a point to share knowledge and help as much as possible. (more…)

Crosby MBA degree offers flexibility

Elise WatsonElise Watson is a first-year graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia pursuing her Crosby MBA and Masters of Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. She aims to utilize her background in theatre in combination with these degrees to pursue a career in marketing, brand management, public relations, media relations/communications, and other related fields. Elise spent her first year in the Crosby MBA Program as the Director of Digital Marketing for the MBA Association. She was recently elected to be the Vice President of Communications for the upcoming academic year.

When I tell people that I am a first-year graduate student  pursuing an MBA and Master of Journalism, and that my undergraduate degree was  musical theatre with a minor in Spanish, the reaction is usually one of confusion or amusement. This is fair, as I admit that I sometimes think the same of my oddly diverse educational history. However, that is the beauty in these programs—people come from diverse experiences and cultures, all with the desire to learn and achieve.

From the moment I became a student at Missouri State University, my life was immersed in the theatre program. While many saw musical theatre as an easy degree with students who were able to simply sing and dance all day, I knew differently. This degree taught me about being a part of a team, following my passion, getting up in front of a group of people to present in challenging ways, organizing when the day had been booked from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed, having discipline when I was expected to have pages upon pages of text memorized the next day and, perhaps most importantly, knowing my values and ethical boundaries. My degree taught me the life-skills that have prepared me for my future.

Perhaps one of the most influential components of my undergraduate experiences was working for Tent Theatre, a professional summer theatre company in Springfield, Mo. While working for Tent, I had the privilege of both performing and marketing for this company. After my first summer as a member of the Tent marketing team, I was invited to join as a marketer for the Theatre and Dance Department throughout the school year. I grew to really enjoy this form of communication, and was fascinated by determining how to best reach the audiences for which our students were performing. My passion for the art of marketing was developing. (more…)

Career Prospects Bright for Marketing Analytics Certificate Holders

MU Crosby MBA Logo The Marketing Analytics curriculum prepares MBA students for careers in a variety of fields that require data insights and mining with a mix of technical skills such as SAS, SQL and predictive modeling and soft skills such a qualitative analysis and presenting data to a broader audience. Listen to an overview of the certificate, a profile of an alum working in the field and a current student earning the certificate.


Business Intelligence. Big Data. Marketing Analytics. Data-driven. The buzzwords go on, but the concept is similar. Businesses suddenly have access to mass amounts of data that they may or may not know how to store and use effectively.

The Crosby MBA Program was always on the cutting-edge of marketing analytics, offering classes such as “Database Marketing,” “Marketing Engineering” and “Advanced Marketing Analytics” as a part of the MBA curriculum before most business schools were able to identify this as an up and coming field. An official Marketing Analytics Certificate was recently approved and will now be shown on students’ transcripts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for Market Research Analysts to grow by 32 percent by the year 2022. Similarly, both Operations Research Analysts and Statisticians are estimated to grow by 27 percent in the same time frame.

In addition to the broad business concepts in finance, marketing and management, students obtaining the Marketing Analytics Certificate gain skills in broad concepts such as predictive modeling and perceptual mapping as well as specific technical abilities using SAS, SQL, SPSS, Excel, Solver, JMP and Access. Students may elect to take additional courses to use programs such as @Risk and Precision Tree – software that estimates the probability of outcomes based on business decisions and utilizes decision trees. (more…)