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How my Crosby MBA Developed Me as a Service Leader

Integrate, defined as “to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole.”

I came to Mizzou my freshman year striving to build something out of infinite components and limited instructions. Each year added to my University of Missouri experience has connected those disconnected fragments of knowledge and moved me in a forward direction. Numerous mentors, faculty, friends, and Columbia community members pushed me to be better, to connect the pieces and weave them into a singular thread that ultimately leader on Mizzou’s campus. When I started the Crosby MBA program, I was provided me the opportunity to integrate my classwork and skill sets I had been developing throughout my undergraduate career.

I currently serve as one of two graduate assistants for Mizzou Alternative Breaks, or MAB. MAB is a student-led program that sends groups of students across the country and internationally to volunteer during all academic breaks. It promotes the idea that grassroots service is something greater than a week or an event– it is a global movement. MAB is the largest alternative breaks program in the country. We run an over a half a million-dollar fundraising campaign, and operate similarly to a non-profit organization. (more…)

Crosby MBA Elective Course Highlight: Turnaround Management

Turnaround Management with Scott McNair

Over the course of my last semester as an MBA student, I have been taking a Management elective course called Turnaround Management. Not only is it a wonderful course, but it also provides interesting insight into how a company undergoes a strategic turnaround. This course is taught by Professor Scott McNair, a professional turnaround expert with a specialty in the food industry. Every week, students are assigned a business case that we read and write a report on, which is then discussed with the help of discussion leaders in the class. The past two weeks, we have had a couple of guest speakers who helped us to gain a deeper understanding of this concept by discussing the various sides of turnaround management consulting.

One especially impactful speaker was Mike Juniper from CR3. CR3 is a turnaround management consulting firm that helps businesses and companies during crisis situations. To give a bit of a background on Mike Juniper, he has a BBA in finance from University of Arkansas and got his MBA from Washington University. He got into the turnaround business by accident, after witnessing his first restructuring in Pretium Packaging in St. Louis and his first bankruptcy in Southern Products Company, also in St. Louis. (more…)

MBA Consulting Group visits The Big Apple

Spring break is the perfect time to explore new places and meet new people. This year, our Crosby MBA Consulting CIT traveled to the Big Apple to meet with McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs. We met with professionals at both companies to learn about their day-to-day operations as well as HR management and hiring practices.

For those not familiar, McKinsey & Company is a leader in the consulting industry. They have over 10,000 consultants, with some functioning as generalists, and others as practice specialists. The McKinsey Partner we met with told us about how they regularly add new specialties as client needs evolve. Some of the relatively new categories include Digital Banking, Education Reform, and Start-ups.

  • Outside the New York Times headquarters.

The HR representative from McKinsey told us that they get thousands of applications each year. That means a lot of resumes being reviewed in a very short amount of time. From a quick glance, they want to see evidence of achievement, leadership, problem solving (your major, or professional roles), and community involvement. McKinsey wants well-rounded, intelligent people that can succeed in a fast-paced environment. That success is monitored closely by regular check-ins with your career manager and the partner at your office. (more…)

MBA Human Resources Group visits St. Luke’s

Preparing for a successful career after the Crosby MBA program requires going beyond the classroom. Experience and networking are crucial to becoming a strong professional, especially by conducting site visits to various companies and organizations. Our Human Resources Career Interest Team recently traveled to Kansas City, MO to visit Saint Luke’s Health System’s corporate office to expand our network and learn more about healthcare human resources. (more…)