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MBA Consulting Group visits The Big Apple

Spring break is the perfect time to explore new places and meet new people. This year, our Crosby MBA Consulting CIT traveled to the Big Apple to meet with McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs. We met with professionals at both companies to learn about their day-to-day operations as well as HR management and hiring practices.

For those not familiar, McKinsey & Company is a leader in the consulting industry. They have over 10,000 consultants, with some functioning as generalists, and others as practice specialists. The McKinsey Partner we met with told us about how they regularly add new specialties as client needs evolve. Some of the relatively new categories include Digital Banking, Education Reform, and Start-ups.

  • Outside the New York Times headquarters.

The HR representative from McKinsey told us that they get thousands of applications each year. That means a lot of resumes being reviewed in a very short amount of time. From a quick glance, they want to see evidence of achievement, leadership, problem solving (your major, or professional roles), and community involvement. McKinsey wants well-rounded, intelligent people that can succeed in a fast-paced environment. That success is monitored closely by regular check-ins with your career manager and the partner at your office. (more…)

Alumni Spotlight: Consulting in Nicaragua (Part 4)

Katie Wehmeyer taking photos at a volcano.

Katie Wehmeyer taking volcano photos.

“It was the perfect mix of human-centered consulting, economic development, Latin America, and coffee.”

Katie Wehmeyer, a 2016 Crosby MBA graduate with an interest in Entrepreneurship, saw the January 2017 trip to Nicaragua as an opportunity to learn by doing—an experience she grew to love and embrace during her time in the MBA program. “After graduating,” she says, “I started to re-appreciate all of the projects we had in the program, and how they exposed me to so many different industries and different problems to be solved.” Now working in a full-time position as a Biodesign & Innovation Fellow at Mizzou, she spends a great deal of her time working in the technology innovation space. By immersing herself in this opportunity and traveling outside of her comfort zone, she knew she would benefit from becoming even more well-rounded in the social sector of innovation, while also having a lot of fun. (more…)

I Can Handle This: Nicaragua Consulting (Part 3)

In January 2017, ten students, one faculty member, and one Mizzou alumna, traveled to Nicaragua on a project to consult with a women’s coffee cooperative. For details on their trip, check out parts 12, and 4 . The following is a reflection from one of the participants, first-year MBA student, Megan Babyak.

I Can Handle This

Megan Babyak getting ready to zipline.

Megan Babyak getting ready to zipline.

I knew I had to go to Nicaragua from the very first time I heard about the opportunity. If you ask those who know me, they’d tell you that I’m notorious for traveling. I live to experience new countries and to immerse myself in different cultures. Having never been south of the border, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to learn a great deal about Central America.

Preparing for the trip was slightly stressful. Not only was this my first time traveling to a developing nation, it was also my very first time participating in a consulting project. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our team performed extensive research on the country, its politics and people, and way of living before we left, and luckily, a consulting professor within the school of business gave us great insight on how to develop a structure and ask relevant questions. (more…)

Work Hard and Persevere: Nicaragua Consulting (Part 2)

In January 2017, ten students, one faculty member, and one Mizzou alumna, traveled to Nicaragua on a project to consult with a women’s coffee cooperative. For more details on their global trip, check out Part 13 and 4. The following is a reflection from Morgan Steward, one of the participants.

Work Hard and Persevere

Morgan Steward playing with a child of the Santa Julia community while learning about international business

Morgan Steward playing with a child of the Santa Julia community.

When I became a member of the Crosby MBA program last fall, I was excited to gain a deep understanding of business along with the opportunity to obtain a global perspective. Due to the large growth in globalization in companies and my interest in international business, I was drawn to Mizzou. I realized that it provided great opportunities to expand one’s thinking in not only how to run an effective business domestically but internationally. With that said, when I became aware of the consulting trip coordinated by our program to Nicaragua, I was ecstatic for the opportunity! (more…)