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Learning Python: The Road to a Career in Marketing Analytics

I first came across Python in summer of 2014.

I was doing my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and I wanted something to learn during my summer break. I thought it would be a great idea to learn to make a video game, so I set about finding an easy programming language to do that. Python was on top of the list of easy languages. But, unfortunately, Python was not the language to use for making games. Games need to be fast and Python cannot compete only on sheer speed with languages like C or C++. Without getting too technical, C or C++ code, when run by the computer is converted directly into assembly language which is what the chips inside computers understand. This is known as compilation. Python, on the other hand, is first converted into C code in a process called interpretation and only then compiled into assembly code. So intuitively, it is slower than C or C++. (more…)

Research for Marketing Decisions: The Art and Science of Surveys

Babyak, MeganMegan Babyak, an Eastern Illinois University business school graduate, is using the Crosby MBA program as an opportunity to continue to build her skills in marketing analytics. She has taken on leadership in the Mizzou Analytics Society, serving as the President, and represents the Crosby MBA program as a Student Ambassador. When reflecting on her decision to join the Crosby MBA community, she said the following: “I chose the Crosby MBA program because there are many opportunities to grow. The coursework has refined my analytical skills; my involvement in student organizations has strengthened my communication skills; and the community has given me a place to try new things without fear or judgement!”




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As part of the Marketing Analytics Certificate, the Crosby MBA program offers a class called Research for
Marketing Decisions. This course is taught by Dr. Marsha Richins, the Bailey K. Howard World Book Chair of Marketing. I was fortunate enough to take Dr. Richins’ Applied Statistics for Marketing course the previous spring, so I was excited to have her in class again. (more…)

The Beauty of Data with Tableau

In 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as we did in 2011, according to an IDC Digital Universe studyIn business, acquiring information isn’t the problem. Where the struggle lies is using that vast amount of data to make strategic decisions. It’s one thing to present an excel sheet to decision-makers, it’s another thing entirely when data is visually displayed in an eye-catching, engaging manner. That’s where Tableau comes in. Based out of Seattle, Washington, Tableau is a software that allows users to take large sets of data and easily create charts, graphs, and interactive lists. What once took hours to organize, takes minutes with Tableau.

Clint Sleeper Teaches Tableau

Ryan Sleeper Teaches Tableau


Lessons in Technology and Work Culture

For my Summer 2016 internship, I had the opportunity to work for Barrier Technologies (BT) in Kansas City. The company culture at BT made my internship a memorable and enjoyable experience. Specifically, the autonomy, team discussions, informal events, and hard-working environment all added to the technology company’s supportive and friendly culture.

During my internship, I assisted BT and Barrier Compliance Services in rebranding their digital segments and implementing a new client acquisition strategy. My role was professionally enriching thanks to the treatment and respect from my team. BT’s model elevated autonomy and allowed me to tackle several initiatives and propose strategies independently. As a result, I successfully helped launch initiatives in strategic thought leadership, direct marketing analytics, and branding strategies. (more…)