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Mizzou Places at the 2018 SEC Case Competition

As I entered the Crosby MBA program in the fall of 2016, I knew I wanted to be very involved. I wasn’t sure what I would take part in, but I knew I wanted to take advantage of as many opportunities as I could. Fairly quickly, I was asked to be part of a case competition team with three of my classmates. I had never been involved in case competitions before. But, I liked the thought of solving real-world problems and competing against other schools and, at the same time, learning incredibly valuable skills that will help me in my career.

Mizzou had never placed in the SEC Case Competition, so I knew the pressure would be on to show the rest of the SEC that we are a school that brings real competition. The SEC Case Competition is 24-hour format case competition, which means all competitors get the business problem and then are required to present the solution 24 hours later. The abbreviated time frame truly tests the abilities and bounds of the competitors. Each team has to analyze the problem, create multiple recommendations, find the research to prove the recommendation, create the presentation, and practice presenting all before the time limit is up.

Twenty-four hours may seem like plenty of time, but many teams often don’t even sleep during the competition.


Mental Health: The Emotional Barriers of a Business Student

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we decided to share a blog about the common stigma associated with mental health issues as a business student.

 I struggle with depression.

I wasn’t always like this. In my undergraduate education, I was overly-involved, driven, and so sure of what I wanted out of life. When I went out into the world and started following my dreams, I experienced happiness like you only see in movies. Eventually, circumstances in my personal life changed beyond my control, pulling me lower than I could’ve ever imagined. At that time, I decided I needed a change. I started business school trying to cope with all of these changes, while at the same time learning how to be a student again — but I couldn’t shake it off. Finally, six months into the MBA program, I decided to talk to someone about it. That is when I was diagnosed with moderate depression.

But we’re business students. Professionals. We are not known for being emotional unless we need to market to our target audience, and we definitely do not struggle with our mental health.

The truth is, depression – or any other mental health issue for that matter – doesn’t care who you are, how successful you think you are, where you’ve been, or what your hopes and dreams are. In fact, study after study shows that people who are highly intelligent – the types you would normally find in graduate school – are more likely to suffer from mental illness than the general population. (more…)

Crosby MBA Association: March and April Organizational Update

One of the Crosby MBA Association’s (CMBAA) primary focuses each year is on philanthropy. Last month, CMBAA hosted a trivia night fundraiser to benefit the Central Missouri Humane Society. Coupled with the wine tasting fundraiser held in the fall, the organization has raised over $2,000 for the Humane Society this academic year. To expand upon our philanthropic initiatives, CMBAA will also be sponsoring a table for Girls on the Run on April 26th in Columbia. (more…)

Site Visit to Monsanto: Forward-Thinking Agriculture

One of the best things about being a Crosby MBA student is the interaction we have with various companies. Staff, faculty, and alumni have connections all over the country and, occasionally, current students will have the opportunity to visit companies and get a sense of how they operate.

Early last month, a few students visited Monsanto’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis. While there, we spoke to an HR representative to learn about the company and various career paths. Monsanto has over 20,000 employees in countries throughout the world, and many positions are available in marketing, operations, accounting, research, and engineering.

After having lunch with a Mizzou alum, we were given a tour around Monsanto’s offices. This was my favorite part of the day! We were able to learn about the company’s rich history, and observe some of the grow houses. Each of these houses are set up to emulate an environment in different a part of the globe. The company wants to see how well its technology fairs before using up resources implementing them in the actual fields. The house we were able to go inside was tailored to Brazil’s climate, so it was very bright, warm, and humid. I enjoyed learning more about Monsanto’s forward-thinking mentality. (more…)