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Our Time with the Crosby MBA Program- A Goodbye


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Our Time with the Crosby MBA Program- A Goodbye.

The Crosby MBA Program is supported by some of the best staff in higher education. While this staff works hard for its students and alumni sometimes they too must move forward in their careers and lives. We would like to wish Matthew Wunderlich and Robyn Ridgway the best as they move forward in these pursuits within the coming week.

Matthew has spent the past two years in the role of Assistant Director of Admissions for the Crosby MBA Program and recently, as the Interim Director of Admissions for the Graduate Programs Office. He has dedicated himself to be the cheerleader for the Crosby MBA students and staff and for all who are lucky to work with him. After much thought and exploring many options, Matthew has accepted admission to the MBA Program with the University of Illinois. We are so excited for him and can’t wait to see where he will land when he completes the degree.

After 16 years of working with the “creamiest of the crop” of graduate students, Robyn Ridgway, along with her husband, Randy, will relocate to St. Louis to be near their daughter and her family. Robyn has accepted the position of Director of Undergraduate Advising for the College of Business Administration for the University of Missouri St. Louis. In addition, she will be Program Manager for the Doctorate of Business Administration. She begins her journey on June 4th, but not without reflecting on the wonderful career at Mizzou. Here are her personal thoughts:

“Wow! 16 years!! What a wonderful career at Mizzou. I have so many to thank for this time. I received so much personal satisfaction watching MBA students grow into wonderful people and watching them succeed. Whether it is serving on the Crosby MBA Advisory Board or hiring a current student- our alumni really have been engaged. How wonderful it is to have a career that allows one to see the complete circle!  I always felt a mother’s pride in each one of them and thanks to social media, I continue to enjoy watching many of them flourish in their lives. I also reflect on the warm family environment offered by the Trulaske College of Business and the bigger MU campus and the many colleagues I have worked with throughout the years. There is thankfulness that fills my heart. Thankfulness for Dr. Michael Christy who had faith in me and offered me the Senior Academic Advisor position and thankfulness for his continued mentorship I can always count on. I have thankfulness too, for the team I have worked with that was always there to celebrate my successes with me and who mourned the losses with me. It has been a wonderful time. Thank you to all who touched my life and made me a better person.”

Matthew and Robyn have said what a privilege it has been to be part of this wonderful program. Working for the Trulaske College of Business and the Crosby MBA program was a great step in their career and their lives. They went on to add: “We have been touched by the best students, alumni, and colleagues that one could ever hope to work with. Thank you for helping us grow in our time here and preparing us for our next adventures. We are both excited but will always remain true to our Tiger spirit.”