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Site Visit to Monsanto: Forward-Thinking Agriculture


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One of the best things about being a Crosby MBA student is the interaction we have with various companies. Staff, faculty, and alumni have connections all over the country and, occasionally, current students will have the opportunity to visit companies and get a sense of how they operate.

Early last month, a few students visited Monsanto’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis. While there, we spoke to an HR representative to learn about the company and various career paths. Monsanto has over 20,000 employees in countries throughout the world, and many positions are available in marketing, operations, accounting, research, and engineering.

After having lunch with a Mizzou alum, we were given a tour around Monsanto’s offices. This was my favorite part of the day! We were able to learn about the company’s rich history, and observe some of the grow houses. Each of these houses are set up to emulate an environment in different a part of the globe. The company wants to see how well its technology fairs before using up resources implementing them in the actual fields. The house we were able to go inside was tailored to Brazil’s climate, so it was very bright, warm, and humid. I enjoyed learning more about Monsanto’s forward-thinking mentality.

Before visiting, I did not realize that many of the crops Monsanto grows are used for animal feed to satisfy the growing demand for protein. I was also surprised to learn that the company is responsible for most of the world’s cotton production. Monsanto’s research has allowed for increased production through both traditional crossbreeding and now through direct gene editing technology. With their help, farmers are now able to feed an average of 155 people per year, up from the 25 people per year in 1960.  The world’s population is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, and Monsanto is focused on developing technology that will be integral to feeding this growing number. Overall, we had a great time getting to learn more about Monsanto and its operations.

Site visits are a great way to connect with employees of a company and see whether or not you’d enjoy working for them. It often proves to be especially helpful when trying to secure interviews for internships or full-time positions. The Crosby MBA program provides funding for these trips, which goes to show how much they care about their students’ success.

Megan Babyak, an Eastern Illinois University business school graduate, is using the Crosby MBA program as an opportunity to continue to build her skills in marketing analytics. She has taken on leadership in the Mizzou Analytics Society, serving as the President, and represents the Crosby MBA program as a Student Ambassador. When reflecting on her decision to join the Crosby MBA community, she said the following: “I chose the Crosby MBA program because there are many opportunities to grow. The coursework has refined my analytical skills; my involvement in student organizations has strengthened my communication skills; and the community has given me a place to try new things without fear or judgement!”