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Networking, growing and learning: these are some key goals Crosby MBA students have while attending national career fairs. In September, 45 Crosby MBA students traveled to Philadelphia, Penn. and participated in the 2017 Annual Conference and Exposition presented by National Black MBA Association and Prospanica, The Association of Hispanic Professionals. According to their website, “The Career Exposition is the largest diversity career fair in the country, attracting public and private corporations, non-profits, and government entities who are actively recruiting top-notch ethnic diverse talent, offering internships to executive-level positions. This two-day event highlights on-site exhibits and interviewing facilities that allow our Corporate Partners to actively recruit and source premier talent, while offering attendees access to career opportunities and professional connections.” The Crosby MBA students networked with these corporations and most students completed interviews with more than a few. Mizzou’s Crosby MBA program was very well-represented.


Crosby MBA students, Renato Rodrigues and Tyler Hanley, recount their experiences at the National Black MBA Association Career Fair and Crosby MBA Career Fair Networking Event, where more than 30 employers attended to specifically recruit Crosby MBA students.

National Black MBA Association Career Fair

Since starting the Crosby MBA program in the Fall 2016, I have consistently been encouraged to attend national career fairs. In fact, one of my first memories in the MBA program was when our former Assistant Dean of the Crosby MBA program spoke during the MBA orientation about the importance of national career fairs. We were told they were a great place to find good opportunities and to  gain access to LDPs (Leadership Development Programs). However, the support that the Crosby MBA has given to attend the career fairs hasn’t been limited to motivational speeches in the orientation. From generous scholarship funding for the expenses associated with the career fair to training with mock interviews, I have had access to the tools that I needed to achieve my professional goals. 20170928_16203

Three weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to attend the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) Career Fair at Philadelphia with several classmates. It was truly an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to connect with many recruiters,  and they courteously devoted time to speak with me about possible careers with their companies. Having attend four career fairs prior to this event, I was more comfortable with the stressful and competitive environment, especially for an international student looking for an opportunity in the U.S. market. However, the main reason a calmness fell over me on this particular occasion was due to our extensive group preparation. The group of MBAs who attended NBMBAA collaborated to research our favorite companies, helping each other to identify opportunities and apply to several positions beforehand with companies that would be recruiting at the career fair. As a result, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with managers and directors of the companies that I was interested in and to attend their social events during my time at Philadelphia.

As I jump into my last semester of the MBA program, my impression looking back to these national events is that they are definitely worthwhile from a career perspective. However, perhaps more importantly, they are a powerful use of time when networking and getting to know people who can help you get your foot in the door. The Crosby MBA program has facilitated its students with funding and coaching support to allow them to succeed on a national level and compete with top MBA graduates.

RenatoRenato Rodrigues is a second-year Crosby MBA student from Brazil. He is concentrating in marketing with a particular interest in business analytics. In addition to being a full-time student, Renato works part-time as an Analytics Assistant at Coegi and as a part-time Business Consultant at the University of Missouri where he advises and supports small businesses and entrepreneurs, developing and teaching secondary marketing research, analyzing the feasibility of projects and creating strategic planning.



Crosby MBA Career Fair Networking Event

The opportunity to attend various networking events was an important criterion for me when I was selecting to which MBA program I should apply.  I value developing positive relationships with others and enjoy learning from others’ experiences.  The Crosby MBA Program has provided me with the opportunity to connect with employees at regional and national companies, including Edward Jones, Caterpillar, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and Nuance Investments.  One of the largest networking events that I was able to take part in was the Crosby MBA Career Fair in late September.  This event was a networking event that allowed me to converse with potential employers and grow my professional network as I continue to search for a summer internship.  Additionally, this event afforded me the opportunity to apply the lessons that I learned during orientation and in the Career and Professional Development class.

The Crosby MBA Career Fair gave me the chance to have longer conversations with some of the employers who attended because the event was less formal than a traditional career fair.  As a result, I was able to ask specific questions about internship opportunities that I had researched, the company’s culture, and opportunities for mentoring and professional development.  Furthermore, this event allowed me to evaluate how my personal values and what I am looking for in an employer coincided, as I was able to get to know the company’s employees on a more personal level.  It also granted me the ability to learn more about smaller companies and the benefits that they can provide, including a great culture and the opportunity to enter a business in its early stages and help it grow.

I was able to connect with several of the companies that attended the Crosby MBA Career Fair and follow-up with them at other networking events throughout the semester, including the Crosby MBA Alumni Tailgate during Homecoming.  Through this event, I was able to realize the importance of attending these networking events not only for the rich conversations with potential employers, but also to apply what I had learned about developing a professional network during my coursework.

Hanley, Tyler 038_Tyler Hanley is a first-year Crosby MBA student and an aspiring professional in the financial services, banking, and insurance industries. He is pursuing a concentration in Finance to enhance his analytical skills. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Cedarville University.  Tyler is eager to expand his business knowledge and take advantage of professional development and networking opportunities during his time in the program.