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33 Students + 7 Days of Orientation = Countless Connections Built and Friendships Made


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“…Armed with great resources, we are able to make better decisions with clarity of purpose and direction.”

Crosby MBA: We’ll Show You Opportunity

OrvilOrvil Savery is a first year Crosby MBA student pursuing an emphasis in Management. He has dedicated the last five years of his professional career to recruiting and cultivating an inclusive and diverse company workforce in which every employee can deliver results in their own unique ways. He serves as the Graduate Assistant for the Vasey Academy and as the 1st year policy representative for the MBA student association (CMBAA) where he works on developing and implementing policy objectives. When not working, you can find him dancing awkwardly at an EDM festival or trying to figure out which documentary he should add to his Netflix queue (and never watch).

Recently, I had the privilege and honor of being the Instagram Orientation Guide for the Crosby MBA 2017 fall class. This year’s fall class saw 33 inspiring MBA students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences engage in the three pillars on which the program is built: career, curriculum, and community.

The experience has laid the foundation for the next two years of our lives. Keep reading to get a first-hand account of how it went down.


Who wants career success? Everyone, of course. Your career may be the most important thing in your life…or it may not be. In any case, there’s no arguing that it is certainly a significant part of it. We spend at least 40 hours per week, 1,842 hours per year and 92,120 hours over a lifetime at work. That’s a lot of time!
In addition to paying the rent, affording the occasional burrito bowl and binging on Netflix (Yes, Ozark was awesome!), it’s obvious that we want our careers to be fulfilling.
From the beginning of MBA orientation, career was a fundamental aspect of our success. We not only discussed career counseling, professional development classes, and national career fairs, but also had lunch and learns with employers and alumni. Check out what we did for the “Career Component” of Orientation:
August 9th: Site Visit to WellsFargo
18 Likes, 1 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “This is what the happiest guy in the world looks like. Had the opportunity to ring the closing bell…”
We were able to gain valuable insights into how the company recruits and retains its employees, how it grows its customer base and ways we could thrive there.
August 14th: Lunch and Learn with Monsanto and The Resource Group
These companies presented on using Applicant Tracking Systems and case interviewing. It’s always good to have a leg up on the competition when applying for jobs
August 15th: Lunch and Learn with Edward Jones and AT&T                            

These companies presented on Career Fair Prep and job searching. We were also able to have a more informal lunch where we learned about opportunities and ways we could apply.

Having these corporate experiences our first week really got us fired up and excited about our career possibilities. Before you enter any career it’s always important to ask “Is this something I really want?” Life is too short (and invariably long when you’re stuck in traffic) to do something you don’t like, but armed with great resources, we are able to make better decisions with clarity of purpose and direction.


During ancient times, people taught their children knowledge and skills such as how to catch fish, hunt animals, and avoid danger in order to be able to survive. There was no formal education, but rather learned and acquired skills for survival – that was their curriculum.
You better learn quickly when there is a Saber-toothed tiger hiding in the bushes ready to steal your lunch….. or maybe worse!
It’s obvious to see that curriculum has evolved, and with it less saber-tooth encounters. However, as far back as we can remember, curriculum has been considered key to our survival. In modernity, it’s become the “heart” of any learning institution and no place else have I encountered this more than at Mizzou.
The experience of going to the University of Missouri for my undergraduate degree was one of the main reasons I wanted to come back and get my MBA. The program stresses the idea of building on your foundation of business with electives and concentration areas that will take you to the next level in your knowledge and skill set. Our orientation took the time to showcase this curriculum over the course of three days:
August 7th: Faculty panel discussion on the rigors of classes and expectations for MBA students
Hearing from these professors was tremendously beneficial. It gave us deep insight into how they graded and what their classes are like.
August 10th: Introduction to library resources and the case competitions
11 Likes, 1 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “Who knew library tools and resources could be this awesome. Our resident guru in library services…”
 Who knew learning about the library could be so fun?  This was, hands down, one of the best sessions of the week.
August 11th: Mini case competition and presentation to industry professionals
20 Likes, 2 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “3 hours of analysis and we are still friends. 😁. Had so much fun with this group at our first mini…”
We were given a case to analyze and tasked with providing a recommendation for the company in the case. We did this in under three hours and it was a blast.

Curriculum can be somewhat broad because it is not only about the universities, students, and professors. It is also about the community in general. The Crosby MBA programs’ rigorous coursework is the sort of practical experience we need to solve the world’s pressing problems – no saber-tooths allowed.


How many Facebook friends do you have? Throughout our lives, many of us have been on a mission to build the biggest friend community possible – yes, that is also a form of hoarding.
(Don’t worry this isn’t an intervention.)
But for some reason, we think it’s quantity over quality. We’re certain we’ll be cooler, happier and more successful simply based on a higher number.
As we get older, we recognize the importance of having a close community that is authentic and genuine – people who care about us, respect us and support us.
Community was prevalent throughout the MBA orientation experience in everything we did. Whether through our team building events or simply having conversations about ‘Do cats having ankles?’ (Google says yes), there was a profound sense of belonging throughout the entire group. For some, it was their first time meeting; for others, it was a ‘great to see you again’. But, in both cases, what you saw were friends. Here are a few of the events that gave us a sense of community:
August 7th: Icebreaker Event and Selection of Case Competition Groups
15 Likes, 1 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “All fun and games until you lose in the rock paper scissors tournament twice. 😥 @ov314 #crosbymba…”
38 Likes, 1 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “I’m @ov314, your guide to a week in the life of a #crosbymba student! #Orientationweek is in full…”

In addition to skills, services and resources, one of the stated learning outcomes for the orientation program were the networking opportunities (fancy MBA speak for socializing). We did a lot of it.
August 8th: Team Building at Venture Out
19 Likes, 1 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “Teamwork makes the dream work. Had so much fun with the crew. #crosbymba #mizbiz”
Knowing how and when to take the lead, to collaborate effectively or even when to listen takes practice. Venture Out gave us a chance to experience all of those things simultaneously. I was a sweaty mess after it, but the experience and lessons learned were well worth it.   
August 11th: Happy Hour
26 Likes, 1 Comments – MUCrosbyMBA (@mucrosbymba) on Instagram: “End of day 5. Drinks to de-stress. We need it. #mizbiz #crosbymba”

Beer, food and the announcement of the winners of the case competition. Did I mention food?
August 18: Trivia Night
Great event with the second-year students. My team staged an incredible comeback, from last place all the way to second. Join my team next year – serious inquiries only.

The MBA program has a focus on building a strong, close-knit Community. As such, this community is sustained only by each individual upholding their responsibility as part of that community. Getting to know each other over a week, instilled in us what it means to not only represent the Crosby MBA but what it means to be a classmate and a friend.

The culture here lends itself to the pillars of community, career, and curriculum in an almost incredible way and being able to experience it first-hand was nothing short of amazing. 
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