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Crosby MBA: We’ll Show You Jobs.

Over the summer, Crosby MBA students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in coursework and team projects as interns at highly-regarded companies.  Taking on a variety of roles, these individuals gain valuable real-world experiences under the mentorship of senior-level leaders that further equip them with the skills needed to take on upper-level, post-graduation positions. Read on to learn more about their experiences.

Babyak, Megan- Nationwide

Megan Babyak: Nationwide – Columbus, Ohio
Role: IT Analyst Intern in the Financial Department
Megan had the opportunity to work in the Individual Products and Solutions (IPS) department at Nationwide Financial. As a Test Analyst, her primary project was focused on locating inefficiencies within the IPS team as well as implementing ways to increase overall productivity. To accomplish this, she prepared detailed specifications, requirements, scope documents, and login flowcharts to implement these modifications. Additionally, Megan performed system testing, validated output, created and modified test scripts, and updated default policy lists, thus saving senior analysts 100+hours. Finally, she was selected as a representative on the IT Intern Council, where she assisted in providing recommendations on how to improve the internship program for the future. She says her time spent working on team projects while in the Crosby MBA program prepared her to take the lead on projects, feel comfortable presenting to executives, and collaborate with ease in the work environment.

Role: Business Risk Intern                                                                
Shalini served as the project lead for developing a business risk SharePoint site for the Rabo AgriFinance. She was involved in the creation of tools for data collection and monitoring, as well as a pricing grid identification process from credit agreements. This allowed her to gain exposure to the loan review process, culminating in the opportunity to write an annual review credit application using Financial Analyzer. Shalini concluded her internship experience by traveling with co-workers to a field office in Loveland, Colorado where her team spent time visiting clients and presenting their findings. She says that her internship allowed her to apply skills acquired in AGILE, SCRUM, and Six Sigma courses to real-world situations. Additionally, her finance and accounting MBA courses allowed her to be able to dive into her projects with less hesitation and greater depth of understanding. Read more about Shalini’s experience.

William Galvin
William Galvin: Hunter Biomedical and Extent Medical Imaging – Columbia, Mo.
Role: Project Manager
As a project manager and commercialization strategist, William worked with two new technology start-up companies at the university. In this role, he organized and conducted research and development, assessed the commercialization potential of the companies’ novel technologies, and explored collaborative partnerships. As a key win, one of his teams was able to secure $75,000 from Coulter and the University System’s Fast Track program, which proved to be a critical component for research and prototype development. Finally, William had the opportunity to organize databases containing information on patents, potential future products, and overall market data. He states that “through this experience, [he] received unparalleled exposure and education in the complicated processes of medical device innovation and development strategy.” The network that William was able to acquire through the Crosby MBA program not only assisted in helping him receive the internship, but also provided him connections to crucial companies, a strong understanding of how to organize and lead teams, and the know-how to conduct his work in a highly professional manner. Read more about William’s experience.

Micheala Sosby
Micheala Sosby: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Greenbelt, Md.
Role: Journalism/Social Media/Multimedia/Pathways Intern in the Office of Communications
As a member of the newsroom at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Michaela was able to combine her journalism background with her developing business skills. Much of her work was media-driven, including writing feature stories for Nasa.gov, producing videos, and handling media requests related the historic solar eclipse on August 21. She also had the opportunity take part in strategizing on how to not only further develop the communications team, but also how to help NASA Goddard expand its audience. Her first semester in the Crosby MBA program allowed her to take leadership and collaboration to the next-level in her internship. She learned a lot about who she is as a person and the way people function within the team environment, which helped the transition to the Goddard communications team. “The career coaching and support I received from the MBA faculty gave me the confidence to apply for this internship in the first place, and helped me throughout the entire application process.” Read more about Micheala’s summer experience.

Schweiss, Emma- Honeywell

Role: Quality Engineering Intern
“My favorite part about working in manufacturing is getting to be so close to the product that makes consumer’s lives easier and, in Honeywell Aerospace’s case, safer!” Emma had the opportunity to be a quality engineering intern at Honeywell, where she appreciated the ability to closely interact with the technicians and assemblers who actually made the company’s products. Since a key part of her role was to make decisions and recommendations regarding quality of the projects, she was able to benefit from getting direct input from the very people who were responsible for building the products. In fact, her favorite part of the internship was the people she met.
She says that many of the people with whom she interacted had 30+ years of knowledge regarding the Honeywell products, and they were always willing to help and point her in the right direction. Emma saw the MBA program as an opportunity to close the gap of understanding between the business and engineering worlds. The MBA coursework allowed her to work in cross-functional teams, thus putting into perspective how an engineer impacts the business as whole.
P.S.: Emma’s fun fact from the summer is that the “Black Box” in an airplane is actually orange!

Rosburg, Ryan- E&J Gallo

 Ryan Rosburg: E&J Gallo Winery – Dallas, Texas
Role: Management Development Intern
Ryan participated in E&J Gallo’s sales rotational program, where he started by working as a sales representative selling wine and spirits to chains and independent liquor stores throughout the city. However, he was also able to gain insight into the role of a sales manager. He was able to not only shadow state managers who oversaw sales activity across the states, but also manage a team of sales representatives throughout the city with the objective to achieve certain sales goals. In addition to his day-to-day activities, Ryan was also responsible for a project focused on alternative packaging trends in the industry, the findings of which he presented to senior leaders at the end of the summer. While he found that most all of his MBA class materials were relevant to his work this summer, he found his developed skills in networking to be especially useful in his role.

Rodrigues, Renato- Coegi

Renato Rodrigues: Coegi – Columbia, Mo.
Role: Analytics Assistant
As an Analytics assistant at Coegi, a digital media buying company, Renato was able to hone his Tableau skills each day. He built and maintained Tableau dashboards to track social and programmatic campaign performance through KPIs, providing analysis for campaign optimization for the account managers and campaign specialists. This was a crucial to cross-company performance as potential problems were alerted early, leading to reduced amounts of low performance campaigns and fewer financial losses for Coegi. Regression analysis, Tableau, R, statistical modeling, and his overall data analysis and strategy skills were used everyday, which made this experience especially valuable for Renato. Additionally, he is able to stay on as a part-time employee at Coegi while completing his final year in the MBA program, thus allowing his abilities to continue to grow.

Natarajan MahalingamNatarajan Mahalingam: Sears – Columbia, Mo.
Role: Research Assistant in Marketing Analytics
Natarajan spent the summer working alongside MU Marketing Analytics professor, Detelina Marinova. The project involved using chat transcripts of interactions between online sales representative and customers on the Sears website, and then applying machine learning and classification algorithms to predict what combination of keywords sells a ‘Protection Agreement’ along with whatever the customer is buying. His role was focused on executing the programming using Python to train, predict and validate approximately five different algorithms for the classification task. In looking at the programming findings, a program which he built from scratch, he was able to analyze the keyword results and cross-check to ensure accuracy. He also leveraged Python for two other projects for Professor Marinova, including scraping reviews from the Sears website and working on an autoregression problem. “The best thing about this project was that every week was a challenge. There was never a dull moment where I felt bored or lost about what I had to do. Every week, the new tasks given to me had me racking my brain to find a solution and I did find a solution most of the time.”
Natarajan says that the Crosby MBA program provided him with credibility as a reliable programmer who could deliver results. In fact, for the Entrepreneurship and Media of the Future course he took last spring, he single-handedly programmed an app that his team was demonstrating for the Associated Press. This opportunity proved his capabilities and allowed him to gain access to this summer’s valuable experience.

Passos, Eduardo -Nanova Biomaterials

Eduardo Passos: Nanova Biomaterials – Sao Paulo, Brazil; Brasalia, DF, Brazil; Londrina, PR, Brazil; Santiago,
Chile; Mexico City, Mexico
Role: Strategy and Business Development Executive for Latin America
Eduardo flexed his networking skills this summer while working at Nanova Biomaterials, a start-up company in Columbia, Mo. Nanova’s mission, as indicated on their website, is to “provide our customers high quality dental and orthopedics products, in addition to exceptional service that builds enduring relationships with our customers.” Eduardo’s role as a strategist and business development executive was highly focused on executing the latter part of this mission in Latin American countries. “With limited resources and support, I personally found [partnerships in three different countries] and met them in-person to negotiate the best business strategy for each of them, following Nanova’s vision and strategy of going global.” He also visited local U.S. Food and Drug Administration agencies to learn how to proceed with the regulatory processes in each of these countries.
Eduardo says that his courses in the MBA program allowed him to clearly see all the business nuances involved in trading. The negotiation techniques, often highlighted in the organizational behavior courses, proved to be crucial to running smooth business operations.

Aradhya, Bhanath 170_Bharath Aradhya: FedEx Services – Harrison, Ark.
Role: Revenue Management Intern
Bharath spent his summer making connections between data and customers at FedEx. His duties included conducting various analyses with customer-related data to help in revenue recovery programs, as well as deriving key insights regarding the FedEx’s most profitable customers. He was tasked with building an analytical tool to provide information about customer infringement of company contracts during their billing periods. Being able to leverage this tool would provide the pricing analysts with a faster way to assess and review customer accounts, taking approximately 10 to 15 seconds as opposed to the typical three to four hours to gain answers.
Bharath says that if it were not for the skills acquired in his first year in the MBA program, his internship would have been substantially more difficult and challenging. His Analytics for Managers and Database Management courses were especially useful in helping him structure, visualize and build the back-end of the tool, while the Applied Statistics course helped create the KPIs used to measure the business performance. However, while these courses were crucial to the technical success of his project, his most important skill used during his internship were the human resources skills acquired in the Organizational Behavior course which he says are integral to succeed both as an individual employee and while part of a team.

Sieckhaus, Annie- Express ScriptsAnnie Sieckhaus: Express Scripts – St. Louis, Mo.
Role: Retail Channel Management Intern
During the first few weeks of her internship, Annie standardized and streamlined process documentation for the Retail Channel Management department and their interfaces with other teams. The remainder of her time with Express Scripts was spent collaborating with Supply Chain-Retail Channel Management partners to create a Vaccine Onsite Clinic program to improve member vaccination rates and support preventative health. This involved managing a project plan for both a custom and standardized Vaccine Onsite Clinic program. While executing this project, she led meetings with retail providers, supported retail provider deliverable due dates and tracked requests for proposals. Annie proactively identified an opportunity and coordinated discussions with Walgreens to explore a potential partnership through Walgreens’ “Get a Shot. Give a Shot” program.
“The overall environment of the Crosby MBA program as well as the MBA Career and Professional Development course prepared me for the professional aspects of my internship.” She said that the program’s focus on the importance of networking was especially beneficial while at the Express Scripts headquarters. She also leveraged the skills acquired in the “Commercialization of Life Science Innovation” course to glean possible ideas throughout her internship. Read more about Annie’s experience.

Role: Digital Analyst Intern
Mary learned a lot about digital marketing and web analytics during her time on the Evolytics team. In addition to carrying out various daily projects for clients using Adobe Analytics, she also completed two specific projects. The first was a predictive analytics project using R and Python to determine how a  major client could drive upgrades through its website. The second project involved creating official company documentation describing how to conduct various predictive analytics projects using R and Python.
“Crosby MBA’s Marketing and Marketing Analytics coursework, especially material covered in Applied Statistics for Marketing, Research for Marketing Decisions, and Database Marketing, helped as I took on predictive analytics projects,” Mary says. Additionally, she was able to pursue projects which she was personally passionate about while at Evolytics. After expressing an interest in predictive analytics, R and Python, Evolytics heavily invested her training to make this internship experience valuable to both Mary and the Evolytics team.

Role: Science Communications Intern
Maria’s internship at The Climate Corporation allowed her journalism background to shine alongside the strong business foundation developed in her first year of the Crosby MBA program. She was tasked with developing science communications content and presentations, managing key events and speaking engagements, and assisting with important internal communication needs. A great deal of Maria’s time was spent editing slide decks and working with the science presenters, as well as the marketing and legal departments, to ensure the company was accurately representing their research. She also contributed to the biweekly newsletter and helped organize an annual science leadership event.
Maria found that the program allowed her to gain a stronger understanding of how all disciplines in a business contribute to an organization’s success. This was especially useful as she knew to be an effective communicator, she had to interact with individuals across the company. This proved to be a beneficial mentality as her favorite part of the internship was the people. Maria says that the employees with whom she worked were generous and talented individuals across marketing, science, and engineering. “They challenged me to think differently and valued my opinions.”

Throm, Brian 077_
Brian Throm: Monsanto Growth Ventures– St. Louis, Mo.
Role: Global Emerging Markets Analyst Intern
Brian assisted in the identification and evaluation of early stage companies as potential investments or partnerships for Monsanto as a Global Emerging Markets Analyst. His specific focus was on emerging agricultural technologies. “It helped me to consider a wider range of business implications when evaluating companies,” he says. This internship proved to not only be valuable for Brian in gaining work experience, but also enjoyable. He had the opportunity to meld his technical proficiency with his business knowledge in a way that made a positive impact on the business.


Katie Wells: University of Chicago Medicine – Chicago, Ill.
Role: Clinical and Procedural Services Administrative Intern
During her time as a clinical and procedural services intern, Katie had the opportunity to combine her skill sets acquired in both the Crosby MBA and the MHA programs. She participated in rotations through clinical and procedural services department, worked on capital assets inventory and replacement plans, and conducted strategic analysis of Outpatient Lactation Consultant Clinic. One of her favorite aspects of the internship was having the opportunity to shadow several surgical procedures including an emergency cranial surgery, kidney transplant, and total knee replacement.
While many skills played into her ability to execute the projects asked of her, Katie identifies her knowledge of business strategy, cost analysis, analytics skills, clear communication, and overall leadership as key to her role in hospital administration.

poojitha 1Poojitha Srikante: Sprint (Omnichannel Operation) – Overland Park, Ks.
Role: Process and Analytics Intern
Poojitha had the opportunity to be a part of the data configuration team at Sprint working on system optimization and employee database maintenance. She was able to gain in-depth knowledge about how to deal with various databases and how to write complex queries. The data reporting she did was crucial for company decision making regarding system changes and creating the most benefit for customers and the business. In order to execute these duties, Poojitha worked on the back-end of two important sales systems used in Sprint retail: “i-Care” and RMS. In addition to these duties, she worked on many small projects focused on system/data cleaning and improving consistency across all retail systems, as well as researching functionalities of the Sprint retail system. She leveraged excel and SQL to carry out the majority of her work.
Poojitha says her data analysis and statistics courses were crucial to her ability to carry out her tasks at Sprint. She also noted that her experience work on team projects and presenting findings in the MBA program were confidence boosting as she collaborated across three different teams and presented on her projects and experiences. Her daily challenges and people with whom she worked made the experience especially rewarding, calling her co-workers “the best thing that could have happened to me at Sprint.”

Thakker, Pinki- US Department of State

Role: Intern in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
This summer, Pinki had the privilege to intern at the U.S. Department of State in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs. Within the Bureau, she worked with the Bangladesh desk officers in the Office of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives. She had the opportunity to conduct political and economic research in the Bureau, putting together a comparative analysis of the U.S. and EU generalized system of preferences as it related to the Bangladeshi ready-made garment industry. Through her research, Pinki was able to provide policy recommendations to senior-level department officials and help guide in the decision-making process. Additionally, she tracked and reported on the Bangladesh-India bilateral relationship and economic developments in Sri Lanka.
As her research in the department was often very data-rich, the analytics courses in the Crosby MBA program proved helpful in preparing her to work with and analyze the large amount of qualitative and quantitative information to which she was exposed. As a result, she had an easier time providing valuable insights to key decision makers. However, her favorite part of this internship was being able to connect with so many inspiring individuals committed to public service. “Working in diplomacy and foreign affairs has long been a goal of mine, and to be able to have that experience first-hand was surreal.”

Elise Watsonindex: Coegi – Columbia, Mo.
Role: Social Media Specialist and Campaign Assistant
Elise began her journey with Coegi in January 2017 after meeting with representatives of the company at the Trulaske College of Business Career Fair. Since then, she has been able to gain substantial experience as the primary social media specialist on 10+ accounts. Her main focus is on maintaining pacing and goal performance for the paid social campaigns, as well as providing clients with PowerPoint and Excel reports with key insights and recommendations. Many of these insights are drawn from media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and further analyzed using both Tableau and Excel. When preparing for the launch of new campaigns, these insights become especially important when developing RFPs for clients. Additionally, she was tasked with creating client-facing “best practices” decks and case studies for social media to identify how to best carry out flawless execution of these digital advertisements. While continuing her role with Coegi throughout her final year in the MBA program, she will be trained as a programmatic media specialist where she will gain knowledge of how to executive native, video, and display advertisements.
Elise says her time in the MBA program has allowed her to communicate with clients and team members in a more confident manner. This was greatly due to her heightened understanding of how to best tell a story with data and highlight the key insights. Additionally, when collaborating cross-departmentally within the company, she was able to bring her insights of project and time management to ensure tasks were completed in a timely manner to the clients’ specifications. Lastly, her internship last summer at Smithfield Foods combined with the many presentations given throughout her time in the MBA program provided her with advanced skills in both creating PowerPoints and presenting the key findings, allowing Elise to succeed in these tasks. She says the best part of her work with Coegi has been the people and the positive work environment. “Coegi is committed to creating an atmosphere that is very collaborative and focused on continual company development. Every employee comes to work with a good attitude, and the management continually provides opportunities to continue building skills- including a weekly Friday lunch training!”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMRAAAAJDEzNjE3YjEwLTAxYTMtNDVlZC04ZTdiLTNmOGViNzk2MmMxMwMatthew Dotson: The Boeing Company (737 Program) – Seattle, Wash.
Role: Change Management Intern
Matthew had the pleasure to work in Seattle, Washington for Boeing in arguably one of the most famous production lines in the world. He took on a role as a change management intern for the 737 program, which now assembles and delivers nearly 47 airplanes a month. For 12 weeks, he helped manage and oversee different Boeing and customer-driven changes to airplanes down the production line. Matthew was tasked with the management of each change from one airplane to another down the production line, and to assess the risk associated with the possibility of each change slowing down overall production. He states that it was a fast-paced, ever-evolving experience that kept him constantly engaged in the success of one of Boeing’s most important products.
Matthew found that that the credibility of the University of Missouri institution and the Crosby MBA program helped provide him with the opportunity to interview and ultimately win a competitive internship with Boeing. Additionally, the skills and experiences gained through his first few semesters in the program provided him with the knowledge needed to not only contribute, but also the confidence to make a name for himself and seek out additional opportunities within the company moving forward. “My experience with Boeing exceeded any and all expectations and I am sincerely grateful to Boeing for the invaluable opportunity.”

Hart, Tess 030_Tess Hart: Saint Luke’s Health System – Kansas City, Mo.
Role: Human Resources Intern
As a HR intern at Saint Luke’s, Tess worked primarily with the Talent Acquisition team at the System Office. She created marketing material to hand-out at career fairs, worked at career fairs and other community events, and aided in data entry for the Workday software implementation that was occurring system-wide. Additionally, Tess spent time working with the Employee Engagement group where she analyzed results from the bi-annual Leadership Needs Survey. From there, she created a presentation for the Vice President of Employee Engagement and her staff to determine action items moving forward.
Tess found that her time in the program has helped her feel truly confident in her abilities and comfortable as a professional in a working environment. She initially found herself nervous about meeting with top-executives at St. Luke’s; however, this was all changed once becoming a part of the team. Because of her experiences in the first year in the Crosby MBA program, Tess was able to approach her internship feeling knowledgeable and like an asset.

0305b69Justin Plassmeyer: Gilead Sciences, Inc. – San Francisco, Calif.
Role: Corporate Development Intern
While working for Gilead Sciences, a research-based biopharmaceutical company, Justin was responsible for mapping the competitive landscape for therapeutic areas to help managers decide which new areas of business to enter. In order to accomplish this, he was responsible for analyzing the industry market to find comparable transactions to those that they were considering. The comparisons identified were some of the main deciding factors when deciding a price point for a potential acquisition. To convince senior managers to have confidence in your insights and recommendations as an intern, presentation skills are key. He found his experience presenting and speaking throughout his courses in the MBA program to be vastly helpful when conducting himself in meetings. One of the aspects of his internship that Justin enjoyed most was the level of freedom he was to select projects on which he worked. “I was able to learn about multiple therapeutic areas in my short-time [at Gilead Science].”

danni Danni Bian: Mizzou International Trade Center – Shanghai, China
Role: Research Assistant
Danni had the opportunity to spend her summer enriching her business knowledge with the University of Missouri International Trade Center, conducting customized market research on a global scale. She was tasked with assisting groups of undergraduate students to complete customized research projects that provided entry or expansion decisions for client companies. This included providing guidance and supporting professors in managing student questions and client problems. Her involvement in the project was greatly data-driven. She spent time analyzing and interpreting this information to unearth weaknesses and potential problems when undergoing market entry/expansion, and formulating recommendations and solutions. The focus on leadership, clarity of communication, and team work in the Crosby MBA program helped Danni to succeed in this role, especially when taking on her favorite role as a consultant.

Pareek, Riju - Rambus Inc.Riju Pareek: Rambus, Inc. – Sunnyvale, Calif.
Role: Financial Planning and Analysis Intern
From the first day, Riju jumped into working on financial data and impact analysis of hiring a procurement personnel. She was later tasked with other projects such as developing monthly budgeting of over $90 million operating expenses across the functional units, spearheading travel data analysis for the sales division, and improving investor relations through the creation of streamlined historical financial statements and datasheets. On a day-to-day basis, she attended meetings with division heads and managers to set their budget plans. Her manager helped Riju gain exposure to the various areas of the Financial Planning and Analysis division. “I was often in awe by the diversity of people in the Silicon Valley and thoroughly enjoyed talking to them. It felt great to contribute to the team by doing projects such as creating financial models to increase the efficiency of the forecasting process.” She went on to say the work culture was among her favorite aspects of her experience, as Rambus provided a dynamic and collaborative environment.
Riju had weekly one-on-one sessions with her manager which was the best way to keep organized and to revisit goals, interests, and deliverables. Overall, she describes her internship as a “phenomenal” and “power-packed” experience. She was able to take full-advantage of her opportunity due to her advanced excel skills, and was able to leverage the information she gained while participating in the Wall Street Prep Finance Bootcamp. Furthermore, Riju says the Tableau training provided by program and other data analytics coursework taken really drove the efficiency in her work. Read more about Riju’s experience here.

Steward, Morgan-2
Morgan Steward: Boys Hope Girls Hope – Esperanza Juvenil – U.S.
Role: Project Manager
As a project manager for Boys Hope Girls Hope, Morgan was responsible for designing a business plan for the organization. The focus of this plan was to explore the possibility of opening a new site in Guatemala City. While his role was very rewarding, he says being able to help and spend time with the kids in the organization was one of his favorite aspects of the job. He was able to be immersed in a different culture and language in his housing and his day-to-day activities. He was often surrounded by approximately 150 Guatemalan children, enjoying each of their fun personalities.

Before Morgan came to the Crosby MBA program, he had no prior experience in financial analysis and accounting. However, by way of his first-year coursework, he was prepared to conduct himself in a professional environment, and was effective in interviewing and obtaining information from high-level executives, donors and company administration. He says, “Everything I learned in my first year was used to put my project together.”

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