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The Beauty of Data with Tableau


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In 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as we did in 2011, according to an IDC Digital Universe studyIn business, acquiring information isn’t the problem. Where the struggle lies is using that vast amount of data to make strategic decisions. It’s one thing to present an excel sheet to decision-makers, it’s another thing entirely when data is visually displayed in an eye-catching, engaging manner. That’s where Tableau comes in. Based out of Seattle, Washington, Tableau is a software that allows users to take large sets of data and easily create charts, graphs, and interactive lists. What once took hours to organize, takes minutes with Tableau.

Clint Sleeper Teaches Tableau

Ryan Sleeper Teaches Tableau

Understanding the need for data scientists skilled in this software, the Crosby MBA program supports their students in the Tableau certification process. This includes weekly group practice as well as a two-day training with certified trainer, Ryan Sleeper and Lindsey Poulter. Sleeper is Director of Data Visualization & Analysis at Evolytics, and Poulter works as a Data Visualization Analyst. His specialty and passion lies in data visualization, helping him communicate complex data in actionable ways.

So far Evolytics has provided two trainings at Mizzou. The most recent was held March 17 and 18. Crosby MBA students, journalism graduate students, and local residents filled Cornell to learn how to become skilled Tableau professionals. Connor Flood, President of the MBA Tableau group, attended a beginner as well as an advanced session.

“A few of us Crosby MBA students have been training with Tableau for roughly two months now to pass the Qualified Associate Certification Exam. We’ve been doing well with our self-paced study; however, it was such a fantastic opportunity to go through the various applications with genuine professionals. I know that, personally, it was such a better experience to have someone guide me through the vast number of visualization applications and provide further explanation in their uses. I could also tell that many people benefited from having a skilled user help them with some of the more complicated applications. Ryan and his associate, Lindsey Poulter, could communicate the solution to any problem with a proficiency that truly demonstrated their mastery of the program,” said Flood.

MBA Students at Tableau Training

MBA Students at Tableau Training

“Overall, Crosby MBA students have had exposure to nearly every major business software program that companies find useful these days, and Tableau easily stands out as one of the most important programs that I have ever used. Tableau is not the first program that I have used with data visualization capabilities, however, nothing else really stands out as much as the beautiful and highly informative displays that Tableau specializes in. It was such an incredible gift to have this exposure to a program that is quickly becoming indispensable in our data-driven world, and I cannot thank the Evolytics team or the Crosby MBA program enough for making this available.”

As more and more businesses request students with data analysis experience, the Crosby program will continue to provide training and certification. Future dates are in development and will be listed on the events page.