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Marketing in a Global Workplace Environment


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After studying for two weeks in Italy as a part of the CIMBA program, I had the opportunity to work for Ricoh Company in the Summer of 2016. Ricoh is a Japanese multinational company, present in six continents, with subsidiaries in more than 200 countries and more than 110,000 employees worldwide. I worked specifically in Ricoh Latin America (RLA), located in Weston, Florida. RLA serves as the headquarters of all America Latina countries, including official operations in the countries of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile & Brazil. The RLA office has approximately 75 employees who work mainly to support Latin American Region operations, and offers a true global workplace environment.

“The opportunity to work for the Ricoh regional office was beneficial to explore a broad network of professionals who come from different countries and have diverse backgrounds.”

Marketing in a Global Workplace Environment My position in RLA was as a Marketing Support Intern. I performed a variety of tasks such as updating the regional corporate calendar in the Ricoh internal communication platform, which required continuous communication with  different subsidiaries. I was also in charge of establishing follow-up regional marketing meetings and video conferences with other regional marketing managers and external agencies.

My primary responsibility throughout the two months of my practicum was focused on Ricoh’s Value Proposition, specifically within the Higher Education Vertical program. This included multiple meetings with the departments involved in the project and in-depth research of higher education trends and technologies. I also became familiarized with the Value Proposition portfolio, and coordinated different follow-up meetings with external agencies, partners and internal committees. Thanks to my experience as a graduate student at Mizzou, I also contributed specific ideas for part of Ricoh’s new services offering. Specifically, I replicated best practices from the University of Missouri in the Latin American market. Performing these tasks gave me a global scope of the process of how a multinational company’s marketing department transforms an idea into a final product.

Ricoh allowed me to apply many of the skills I acquired during my first year in the MBA program. I worked effectively in a cross-cultural team, delivered strong visual presentations, and suggested current web tools to improve the productivity of the department. Most importantly, I gained a work-experience opportunity in a truly global workplace environment. Ricoh helped me increase my business knowledge, develop a global business perspective, and gain awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Estefania Guillen Pascacio is a second-year international student at the University of Missouri-Columbia pursuing her Crosby MBA with an emphasis in Marketing & Marketing Analytics. Passionate about digital & strategic marketing, Estefania serves as the President of Mizzou Analytics Society and Social Media specialist of CLIMB.

Estefania came from Panama as a Fulbright Scholar with the objective of increasing her global business perspective, enhancing her marketing skills portfolio and encouraging mutual understanding and collaboration between Panamanian and North American cultures.