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Faurot Field

2015 Mizzou Homecoming game at Faurot Field

It’s no secret the Mizzou loves Homecoming. In fact, one of Mizzou’s pride points is being the first to host an official Homecoming football game tradition.

In 1911 the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association declared that conference games must be played on college campuses, throwing a wrench in the annual Missouri Tigers vs. Kansas Jayhawks match that was played in Kansas City. Missouri’s Athletic Director Chester Brewer became worried that fans wouldn’t travel to Columbia for the game, so he invited alumni to “come home,” drawing a crowd of more than 9,000 to watch the historic game.

Crosby MBA students at the Alumni Tailgate

Crosby MBA first-year students take a second to pose at the Crosby MBA Alumni Tailgate

Although numerous universities debate Mizzou’s claim to Homecoming fame, Jeopardy! and Trivial Pursuit confirm that Brewer was the first to start this tradition. The original Homecoming had all of the hallmarks of current Homecoming traditions: pep rallies, a parade, bonfires and a football game against an intercollegiate rival. Now, there are so many events, a Twitter account, @MU_Homecoming, helps students keep it straight.

Crosby MBA students march in Homecoming Parade

Many Crosby MBA students march in the Homecoming parade. Shown here are some of the students representing the Vietnamese Student Association.

The Tiger community always takes time to give back during Homecoming celebrations. For the 2015 Homecoming, the Mizzou community donated more than 85,000 pounds of food in the ‘Tigers Taming Hunger Food Drive,’ and the Homecoming Blood Drive is the largest multi-day blood drive in the nation. This year 5,000 units were donated to save lives.

Crosby MBA students, alumni, faculty and staff are always excited to partake in the fun. From the Crosby MBA Alumni Tailgate to walking in the parade to attending the game together, the Crosby MBA community (and their families) are excited to participate.