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Crosby MBA student Ben BeussinkBen Beussink, CPA, is a second-year Crosby MBA student studying Finance. Passionate about all things numbers, Ben serves as the Vice President of Finance for the MBA Association and teaches Personal Finance and Corporate Finance courses to undergraduate Trulaske College of Business students. This past summer, Ben packed his bags and took courses in Business Fraud and Lean Six Sigma with the CIMBA Italy Program.

I had never spent time outside of the United States before I enrolled in the Crosby MBA Program. Shortly after I arrived at Mizzou, I was informed that I could take two summer classes in Italy through an organization called CIMBA. I immediately knew I had to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to study abroad.

CIMBA is a summer study abroad program that takes place in Paderno del Grappa, Italy. The program is hosted by the University of Iowa, and consists of a consortium of business schools such as the University of Missouri, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Western Michigan.

Once I was accepted into the CIMBA program, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, but excited. What is life like in other countries? Will I be able to communicate with people in Italy? Will I be able to make it to all my flights?

Well, I made it to Paderno safe and sound. I had an amazing experience over those four weeks. I completed classes in Business Fraud and Lean Six Sigma. In addition to six credit hours, the classes provided me the background I need to become a Certified Fraud Examiner and obtain a Six Sigma Green Belt. Classes only took place on Monday to Thursday or Friday, so I was able to travel on weekends. I saw small towns such as Assisi, Cittadello, Crespano, Padova, Possagno, Perugia and Riese; breathtaking destinations such as Bassano Del Grappa, Lake Como and Mt. Grappa; and big cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence. I also met some really cool students from other business schools, and experienced the wonders of authentic Italian cuisine.

The CIMBA study abroad program provided me the first of hopefully many trips outside the borders of my home country.

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    The school I attended was located in a small town called Paderno del Grappa. This is a view of the town from my dorm room.