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Spotlight on the Association of Trulaske Businesswomen

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March is Women’s History Month, and so the Crosby MBA Blog reached out to Brittnea Collins, president of the Association of Trulaske Businesswomen, to find out more about the organization and what kind of experience it offers to its members.

I’m Brittnea Collins, an MBA candidate scheduled to graduate in December of 2013.  Though I have no concentration, my work background is in marketing and management.  I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with my peers through the many other beneficial organizations that the Trulaske College of Business offers.  I noticed, however, that there was no organization that focused on the diverse challenges that women (and men!) face in the professional sphere, or how the personal sphere affects a woman’s career.

With the encouragement and support of Drs. Schnatterly and Marinova, I started the Association of Trulaske Businesswomen (ATB) in the spring semester of 2012, and I currently serve as president.  ATB is a group that focuses on women in business; more specifically, on identifying and exploring the unique perspectives and experiences that women face in the business world.  A consistent theme of our meetings is examining how social structures affect the ways that women and men interact in a professional environment.

We typically meet twice a month (dates and times are varied), and everyone is both welcome and encouraged to come.   We often host speakers to lead discussion-oriented sessions; most recently we invited Paula Elias and Kerri Yost, founders of the local Citizen Jane Film Festival, to speak about women’s representation in media.  Some of our members also took part in a “Women in Leadership Day” that featured women from Boeing to address the need for women in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

ATB is an extremely useful and important tool for anyone, whether s/he is a business student, a working professional, and/or anyone else!  We address issues that are dynamic and that affect not just women but men as well.  Additionally, the organization is unique in that in every meeting we share our personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences about these issues.  We are thus able not only to learn from the perspectives of those different from us but also are able to relate those people and their perspectives.

If you are a current student in the Trulaske College of Business and are interested in learning more about the Association of Trulaske Businesswomen, post a comment below, and we will add you to the club’s mailing list!


  1. Interesting read, thank you for posting the article, You have a wonderful blog! Keep it up!

  2. Its a great initiative. I wonder if you accept men. In my town/village the most appealing business group in terms of flexibility and format was a women”s business group, which I joined as a male and found very useful.

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks for the article. This demonstrates the power of programs like the crosby mba. Awesome!

  4. nice post
    I always like this type of blog

  5. Kobieta says:

    Nice – I”m also a Businesswomen :)

  6. Dian Hartono says:

    Thank you for all the news

  7. Jon says:

    I really like what you are doing with ATB. Very forward thinking. As a male this makes me want to target Crosby MBA Program for my future MBA.

    Thanks for the article.

  8. Sara Moore says:

    Hi I am a current student of the Business School and am interested in learning more about this association!

    • mbablog says:

      Hi Sara,

      ATB is dedicated to teaching our members how to support themselves and their peers in the workplace. As a relatively new group, we ask our members what they would most like to learn and experience in our meetings. This year, we have special meetings set up with the Chief Ethics Officer of Wal-Mart as well as one of the managing editors at Bloomberg News. In addition, we are hosting a panel of recent alumnae to answer our questions about networking, interviews, and resumes in preparation for the career fair. One of our goals this year is to raise money to help entrepreneurs through Kiva.org as well as become more involved in the Columbia community through women”s interest events such as Citizen Jane Film Festival. If you”re interested in more information about meeting times or other activities, please email atbmizzou@gmail.com.

  9. jennysmith says:

    Nice blog.. iam also interested to know about Association ofTrulaske Businesswomen…

  10. ved prakash says:

    nice post
    I always like this type of blog

  11. sakshi says:

    yes, i am interested to know more about Association of Trulaske Businesswomen.

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