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Innovate to Thrive: Results from the Spring 2013 Trulaske Consulting Association Case Competition


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By: Jenny Leeper

The first week of February was very busy for the Crosby MBA staff as well as the leaders of the Trulaske Consulting Association (TCA).  Why?  Because it was the week of the TCA case competition!

Six teams comprised of MBA students at various points in their education- some who will graduate this spring and some who started their MBA just three weeks earlier- competed for a $1300 prize purse and the right to represent Mizzou in the first-ever SEC case competition that will be hosted at the University of Missouri in April.  Here’s an overview:

The timeline:  Receive a live case Thursday at 4:30 p.m., put together a presentation by Friday at 11:30 a.m., and present to a panel of judges sometime between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

The case: What changes can be made to keep the Crosby MBA program relevant or, even better, take it to the next level?

The outcome: Six different teams with six different recommendations.  Some recommendations addressed Crosby’s target market, while others focused on Crosby’s product offering or operations.  At the end of the day, awards were given out for best presenters, best Q&A, and, of course, first place team and runner up.

Congratulations to the Winning Team! From left to right: Joe Stephens, Assistant Dean for MBA Programs; Brandon Slama; George Wells; Samikshya Gautama; Seth Kelley; and Joan Gabel, Dean for Trulaske College of Business

While each case competition is a unique experience, this case offered teams a rare opportunity to provide recommendations for a live case with which each team was intimately acquainted- their own MBA Program!

Having the chance to provide direct input on your own MBA program is pretty rare, don’t you think?  Yet, the Crosby MBA Program gave its students that opportunity.  Why? In recent years, the Crosby MBA Program has continued to move up in national rankings, so one could argue that the Crosby MBA Program already is relevant and moving to the next level.  So why become the subject of a live case competition?  Because the Crosby MBA Program is constantly looking to offer its students not only the best education but also the best MBA experience possible.  By asking its students for their recommendations, the Crosby MBA Program received straightforward and unfiltered feedback from the people who know the program the best- its students.

As one of the competition’s sponsors summed up in his address to the case teams, you can Innovate to Survive, or you can Innovate to Thrive.  The TCA Case Competition is proof that the Crosby MBA Program is truly working to Innovate to Thrive.


Jenny Leeper is a Crosby MBA Student with a concentration in Marketing.  She will graduate from the Crosby MBA Program in May 2014.

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