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Top 5 Elective Classes Crosby MBA Students Love


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The flexibility of the Crosby MBA program allows students to enroll in classes outside of their respective concentrations. Students often cite these classes as extremely valuable and interesting. We polled a number of students to find out which classes stood out as particularly fascinating or awesome.

1). Investment Strategy of Warren Buffett

What better way to learn investment strategy than from the king of investments, Warren Buffett? Course topics surround the specific strategies Warren Buffett has taken to become one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. A practical application of the course allows students to value public companies in groups and as individuals. The Investment Strategy of Warren Buffett class is particularly great for those students interested in learning the softer side of firm valuation. In addition, many students had the opportunity to meet the man himself at Berkshire Hathaway! Here’s just one of the many pictures taken from the day with two Crosby MBA students.

2). Negotiations

If we each took an honest look in the mirror, most of us would realize we have thought little about negotiations and are not very proficient at negotiating. This unique Management course offered in the spring helps you learn the art of negotiating in both your personal and professional affairs.  More specifically this course will:

  • Make you a better negotiator
  • Allow you to understand and think about negotiations
  • Alter your perception and conclusions about negotiations
  • Provide you with experience in negotiating
  • Make you read and think a lot

3). Competitive Marketing Strategy

Marketing management courses often teach high level concepts young professionals won’t necessarily control in entry level positions. Reading about the concepts is nice, but taking control of pricing, segmentation, positioning, and product development decisions within a firm would be really valuable.

Competitive Marketing Strategy allows students exactly this opportunity through a simulation game that spans the length of the course. Student teams control the competitive marketing strategy decisions for a corporation in a simulated environment and compete against other student teams to see which team has the best marketing strategy. Performance is measured on a variety of metrics, including stock price, profitability, and market share.

4). Investment Fund Management

If you are at all interested in a career in investment banking, portfolio management, financial analysis, or wealth management, Invest Fund Management will allow you to gain practical experience and training in all of these fields. The goal of the course is to gain insights into corporate valuation techniques through the understanding of company value drivers and macro-level forces that impact a company’s future performance. Students also manage the Mizzou Investment Fund, part of the university’s endowment portfolio. The fund provides students with a forum to apply equity valuation techniques developed in the course to a real-world management environment.

5). Launching a High-Growth Venture – The Business Plan

An entrepreneurial spirit breathes in the Crosby MBA program. Entrepreneurs should know that success is built on the foundation of a great business plan in order to convey potential profitability and secure interest and capital. In Launching a High Growth Venture students group into venture management teams to develop a business plan for a new, growth-oriented venture, often technology based. In addition, all teams will participate in the MBA Ventures Division of the Show-Me Business Plan Competition for the Eldridge Award, which includes a cash prize of $5,000. Real world experience and cash prizes in an entrepreneurial environment? Sign me up!




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    The flexibility of the courses to done is very well described in the post and is also pointed out important tips to pursue the courses.

  2. john says:

    The flexibility of the Crosby MBA is very effective, because students can enroll in classes outside of their concentration. This makes many students get lessons

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