How to Prove Yourself in Marketing Analytics

Ever since I was in school, summer meant relaxation, traveling and spending time with family and friends… but this summer was different. I had an amazing opportunity to get real-life work experience in an analytics internship. I secured a position as a Programmatic Media Intern at Coegi, a media buying company that brings audiences and advertisers together through programmatic technology. I was excited and nervous, but aware that marketing analytics might not be the right professional path for me. Either way, I knew it would be a stepping stone to shape and strengthen my future.

Starting from Scratch

Getting an MBA degree in Marketing was a tough decision because I had no background or experience in this area. Originally from Gurgaon, India, I studied Electronics and Communications Engineering. Having worked with the biggest IT firms in the country, I had no skill set to prove my marketing analytics internship ability. Not only would it be hard for me to survive the MBA program, but also convince prospective recruiters on why I wanted to change my career path.

My first impression of Coegi came from their manager. I immediately noticed the passion in his voice when he spoke about their work, and how confident he was about their success and growth. That’s when I knew this would be a place where I could grow and realize my potential.

I joined Coegi as a Programmatic Media Assistant. I was trained on a plethora of tools to manage and optimize marketing campaigns of various clients. Within two weeks I was responsible for handling marketing analytics for entire projects. Not only this, I had discussions with my manager about my ambitions, hopes and struggles as he truly cares about my professional and personal growth. This place is a perfect example of a strong team dedicated to work towards a common goal. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, like a small family of ambitious and talented people who are not only dedicated towards their work, but also make a point to share knowledge and help as much as possible. (more…)

When Opportunity Knocks: Make the Most of Your Internship

Internships are the stepping stone toward a fulfilling career. Students get real world experience, networking opportunities and industry exposure. That’s why the Crosby MBA Program encourages a summer internship between the first and second year of the program. Some students choose to stay local, while others travel across the globe. Wherever their ambitions take them, all experience a form of growth that can’t be found in a textbook.

Here is a look how they applied their classroom knowledge into boardroom decision-making.

2016 MBA Summer Internships

“Advice to future MBAs: Take advantage of every opportunity you are given without hesitation.”

Tara Hanusa
Shire Pharmaceuticals
Neuroscience Marketing Intern
Boston, Massachusetts

Tara worked on the consumer marketing team for Vyvanse, a medication for binge eating disorder. She was exposed to different departments and functions throughout the company, as well as legal, medical and regulatory compliance, brand planning and SWOT analysis, and never-ending networking opportunities.

Since her primary project involved developing a program for patients, Tara’s role included contacting outside vendors and developing an analysis to determine a partner to move forward with. She contributed to developing a roll-out plan for the program, timeline, and market research plan.

Working effectively as a team, she helped get projects done on time with a polished, and approved, finished piece. The professional development that Mizzou invests strengthened Tara’s ability to best present herself and network effectively.   (more…)

Three Things You Shouldn’t Do at Orientation

By: Maria Magner, Crosby MBA Candidate – May 2018      

The Crosby MBA program has more than 50 new members as part of the Fall 2016 Class. They’ve only been working together for two weeks, but thanks to an intensive orientation, they are prepared to support one another for the next two years. Orientation was a mix of networking (meeting new classmates, staff, faculty and alums), professional development (a day of Business Career Services workshops and a site visit to The Resource Group), a case competition, Venture Out team building, and a service project at The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

Now that the orientation dust has settled, the program has begun preparing for the next one. For future newcomers, here are some tips from someone who just survived the Crosby MBA Orientation.


  • MBAA Service Project at Central Missouri Food Bank


1. Don’t Be Nervous

Whether you’re new to Columbia, to Missouri, or the U.S. – you’re not alone. The MBA program is made up of people from all over the world and at different stages of life. It’s easy to feel like you’re on the outside looking in, but despite their calm, collected exterior, most of the other students are just as unsure (and uncomfortable in suits) as you. Plus, Mizzou accepted you because they saw potential. Instead of picking up your phone, introduce yourself to someone new. As future business leaders, we’ll often be put in unfamiliar situations, so we might as well master that skill in a supportive setting.


How to succeed in the Crosby MBA Program- A Student Perspective on Time Management

By: C. Elise Watson, Crosby MBA/MA Journalism Candidate- May 2018      

Since I can remember I have considered myself to be a “busy” person with a hectic schedule. In fact, I am notorious for overloading myself with different activities and responsibilities; yet I thrive in times when I am juggling multiple projects while still maintaining a balance with my personal life. As an MBA student, it becomes very easy to find yourself overwhelmed with assignment deadlines, expectations for group projects and student organizations, and upcoming examinations, often while holding down a job or an assistantship that takes up anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of your week (or more). While I had considered myself an organized student during my undergraduate career, I quickly discovered that my skills in this area needed to be taken to the next level as I commenced my time in the Crosby MBA program and the Missouri School of Journalism. Here are some of the key takeaways I have developed over the last year with regard to how to best handle the stresses of time and project management that can accompany taking on graduate school:  (more…)