Crosby MBA degree offers flexibility

Elise WatsonElise Watson is a first-year graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia pursuing her Crosby MBA and Masters of Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. She aims to utilize her background in theatre in combination with these degrees to pursue a career in marketing, brand management, public relations, media relations/communications, and other related fields. Elise spent her first year in the Crosby MBA Program as the Director of Digital Marketing for the MBA Association. She was recently elected to be the Vice President of Communications for the upcoming academic year.

When I tell people that I am a first-year graduate student  pursuing an MBA and Master of Journalism, and that my undergraduate degree was  musical theatre with a minor in Spanish, the reaction is usually one of confusion or amusement. This is fair, as I admit that I sometimes think the same of my oddly diverse educational history. However, that is the beauty in these programs—people come from diverse experiences and cultures, all with the desire to learn and achieve.

From the moment I became a student at Missouri State University, my life was immersed in the theatre program. While many saw musical theatre as an easy degree with students who were able to simply sing and dance all day, I knew differently. This degree taught me about being a part of a team, following my passion, getting up in front of a group of people to present in challenging ways, organizing when the day had been booked from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed, having discipline when I was expected to have pages upon pages of text memorized the next day and, perhaps most importantly, knowing my values and ethical boundaries. My degree taught me the life-skills that have prepared me for my future.

Perhaps one of the most influential components of my undergraduate experiences was working for Tent Theatre, a professional summer theatre company in Springfield, Mo. While working for Tent, I had the privilege of both performing and marketing for this company. After my first summer as a member of the Tent marketing team, I was invited to join as a marketer for the Theatre and Dance Department throughout the school year. I grew to really enjoy this form of communication, and was fascinated by determining how to best reach the audiences for which our students were performing. My passion for the art of marketing was developing. (more…)

MBA Program rallies behind student with cancer

Krissy Tripp Vice President of Philanthropy, MBA AssociationKrissy Tripp is a second-year Crosby MBA student studying Marketing Analytics. In addition to being the Crosby Analytics Society President, she serves as the Vice President of Philanthropy for the Crosby MBA Association. In Spring 2016, after organizing a wine tasting to benefit Habitat for Humanity, she co-lead the Conquering Cancer Festival, a fundraiser to benefit fellow student Zach Heath.

I have always believed that it is the extra things you do outside of class that sets you apart from your classmates. When I graduate with an MBA in May, I will graduate with roughly 70 others who share my credentials, but my story and experiences in the MBA program will be my own.

Honestly though, the most interesting part of my story isn’t even about me. It’s about a man named Zach Heath, a fellow Crosby MBA student who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer during our second year. I don’t know that we had spoken much during our first year of the program. We certainly wouldn’t have called one another to hang out on a Friday night, but twenty years from now when I won’t remember any of my exam scores, and I may even struggle to think of a professor’s name, I will still remember Zach Heath.

For me, it started with text messages.

“Hey, we should do something for Zach.”

“Krissy, are we going to do anything for Zach?”

I finally asked what was going on, and my roommates told me to check Facebook. Zach had been diagnosed with cancer. He started a blog and a Go Fund Me to help pay his medical bills. (more…)

Mizzou Finance Team Wins 1st Place

Two Crosby MBA students were among first place Mizzou team in St. Louis Regional CFA Institute Research Challenge

Update: Approximately 1,000 teams started this competition at the global level, and 106 made it to the competition in Chicago. John Milligan, Dylan Jungels and Tristan Young made it further than any Mizzou team ever to compete in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. They were among the Top 20 teams globally.

Univeristy of MO Columbia winners of 2016 CFA local challenge with faculty and awardsTwo Crosby MBA candidates, Dylan Jungels and John Milligan, represented MU alongside an undergraduate economics student Tristan Young in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. The trio won first place in the St. Louis region and will compete this week in Chicago for the Americas Division, where two winners will be selected to compete globally.

“I was excited to have an opportunity to take everything I’ve learned in regards to financial analysis and valuation and have a chance to compete,” Milligan said. “It was excellent for networking too.”

Milligan said half of his personal success on the team came from being a part of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program and the other half came from passionate faculty members at the Trulaske College of Business. He highlighted John Stansfield, Director of the CFA Partner Program, as well as Michael O’Doherty, Faculty advisor for the CFA Institute Research Challenge, and Andy Kern as professors that have played an instrumental role in mentoring him and furthering his finance career. (more…)

Angel investing: the other side of the table

Angel Allen Capital Fund at Village Square KCKatie Wehmeyer will graduate from the Crosby MBA program in May 2016 with a concentration in Management. She graduated from MU with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering and wants to work in a space where she can make a social impact. In the fall, she will be the business design fellow for the MU Biodesign & Innovation Program. The fellowship’s goal is to bring innovative medical technologies and health care solutions to market through a three-stage process of ideation, invention and implementation. 

Last semester I took a course called ‘Launching a High Growth Venture’. We partnered with startup companies, took on their solutions and technologies as our own, and then brought the company through the process of identifying a market, finding real customers, and writing a business plan to finally pitch to angel investors at the end of the semester. We learned the entrepreneur’s side of the startup process. This semester I joined the Allen Angel Capital Education Program, an interdisciplinary student-run fund that invests real money into real startups. We are now learning the angel investors’ side of the startup process.

The Allen ACE Fund was launched in 2010, thanks to the initiative of several students motivated to learn startup investment strategies. Grants from the Kauffman Foundation and Shelter Insurance, along with donations from supportive investors, gave the class seed money to start the process. So what is the process? (more…)