Students gather for a bonfire during fall semester.

Clayton Reeves graduated from the Crosby MBA program in 2009. He works in the Kansas City area as a strategic executive with Great Plains Energy and as an entrepreneur. He enjoys working with startups and mergers and acquisitions as well as writing. Reeves is a CFA Charterholder.

This post was originally published by Reeves on LinkedIn.

As someone who owns two businesses, works full time in an engaging strategy role, and finds time to travel abroad and spend time with family and friends, people often ask me, “How do you do all of this?” The key, at least for me, is finding the right (though sometimes imperfect) balance between work and play.

In a previous role, I had a great opportunity to work with a group of experienced finance professionals and engaged fully in the experience. The issue was that one of my bosses did not value life outside the office. For example, after I proposed to my then-girlfriend (now wife), we took a two-week trip to Europe to celebrate our engagement and spend quality time with each other. Leading up to the trip, I put in 80-hour weeks to make sure our clients were completely satisfied and had enough to chew on while I would be away. My counterpart at the firm also had been informed and was prepared to cover for me if anything came up. I also had my cell phone and laptop with me so I could answer emails regularly (when my fiancé wasn’t around!). We had a great time: We made new friends, saw new places, and gained new perspectives on the world. It was a dream trip!

However, when I returned one of my bosses came into my office and berated me for taking it.