Crosby Alumnus Turned Software Entrepreneur

For Zapier co-founder Wade Foster (Crosby MBA ’10), the journey from student to software entrepreneur began with a eureka moment the summer before his second year in the Crosby MBA program.

“I was working for a small software shop,” Foster said. “That’s where I really started learning, ‘Hey, I want to run a small company, and I want it to be a software product.’”

With that new knowledge in hand, he was able to make the most of his last two semesters at Mizzou.

“Once I kind of figured out, ‘OK, this is what I wanted to do,’ it made it a lot easier for me to choose courses here in the MBA program. So for example, I knew that taking (Launching a High Growth Venture) was going to be really important, because that was the best one around targeted at growing companies at the time.” (more…)

Healthcare and Business: An MBA Student’s Journey

As I look back on my journey over the last few years, I cannot think of a better way to describe it than as a whirlwind of opportunity and constant change.

I absolutely love science and have a passion for medicine which I can trace back to following my dad around at his practice and working at the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. I channeled that passion into taking the MCAT’s and applying to medical schools. This is when my career path plan took its first turn. My brother Cole and I spent the summer exploring Europe, and I discovered that there was much more that I want see in the world, places I want to go and people I want to meet.  My passion for healthcare didn’t change, but I realized that I needed more business education in order to do this with a greater purpose in my future.

Several people recommended an MBA, and the more I learned, the more appealing it became.  When Cole and I returned, I got my hands on some GMAT books and started researching. When I made the drive down to Mizzou, I fell in love with the campus and all the people in the MBA office that welcomed me.  (more…)

CIMBA in Italy: An adventure in academics and culture

When I began applying to MBA Programs, I searched for opportunities to explore cultures inside and outside of the classroom. The Crosby MBA Program stood out among the crowd, as it offers a variety of study abroad opportunities all over the world. The Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis (CIMBA), located in Paderno del Grappa, Italy, is offered to Crosby MBA students interested in international business. The program is hosted by the University of Iowa, and consists of a consortium of business schools from all around the US. Among the universities that are part of the consortium are the University of Missouri, University of Alabama – Birmingham, University of Nebraska, Purdue University, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Western Michigan.

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As a part of CIMBA, I had the opportunity to take Special Topics in Management Sciences: Lean Six Sigma course, with Dr. Patrick Hammett, Professor at the University of Michigan. This course has helped me work towards my Lean Six Sigma belt certification during this Fall Semester 2016. The course was held from Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 3:30pm and Friday until 11:30am for two weeks. There were many team assignments which helped me improve collaboration and team skills as well as develop better analytical skills. I had the opportunity to work with not only students from the U.S. but also Italian students. Although the program was demanding, the schedule allowed me to explore and travel around Europe during the weekends. (more…)

How to Prove Yourself in Marketing Analytics

Ever since I was in school, summer meant relaxation, traveling and spending time with family and friends… but this summer was different. I had an amazing opportunity to get real-life work experience in an analytics internship. I secured a position as a Programmatic Media Intern at Coegi, a media buying company that brings audiences and advertisers together through programmatic technology. I was excited and nervous, but aware that marketing analytics might not be the right professional path for me. Either way, I knew it would be a stepping stone to shape and strengthen my future.

Starting from Scratch

Getting an MBA degree in Marketing was a tough decision because I had no background or experience in this area. Originally from Gurgaon, India, I studied Electronics and Communications Engineering. Having worked with the biggest IT firms in the country, I had no skill set to prove my marketing analytics internship ability. Not only would it be hard for me to survive the MBA program, but also convince prospective recruiters on why I wanted to change my career path.

My first impression of Coegi came from their manager. I immediately noticed the passion in his voice when he spoke about their work, and how confident he was about their success and growth. That’s when I knew this would be a place where I could grow and realize my potential.

I joined Coegi as a Programmatic Media Assistant. I was trained on a plethora of tools to manage and optimize marketing campaigns of various clients. Within two weeks I was responsible for handling marketing analytics for entire projects. Not only this, I had discussions with my manager about my ambitions, hopes and struggles as he truly cares about my professional and personal growth. This place is a perfect example of a strong team dedicated to work towards a common goal. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, like a small family of ambitious and talented people who are not only dedicated towards their work, but also make a point to share knowledge and help as much as possible. (more…)