Crosby MBA Entrepreneurs visit St. Louis

As a part of our Career and Professional Development Class, students are grouped together by Career Interest Teams (CITs). The goal of the class is to develop our skills by seeking out real world experiences to supplement what we learn in the program. This helps enhance our network and shows us what resources are available to us outside of the program. The Entrepreneurship CIT wanted to visit business at the forefront of innovative ideas related to startups and shared spaces.

Recently, a group of about 20 Crosby MBA students and I trekked to St. Louis to visit a number of entrepreneurship and innovation hubs including CIC, TechShop, and T-Rex. We also visited Start Right, a food startup founded by Clint Matthews, a Crosby MBA Alumnus. (more…)

Creative Ways to Prepare for an MBA Program

Many students wonder how to best prepare for an MBA program. Is it the process of studying for and taking the GMAT exam? Do program application essays force you to think about your qualifications and ability to adapt? Or should someone simply read books, websites, or rely on “real life” experience? I have spoken to many people and they all feel that there is no success formula or recipe that prepares you for an MBA degree. But as an MBA student myself, I feel that there are some creative ways candidates can approach the preparation process.

checkmate1. Play Board Games

In the Crosby MBA program, we are repeatedly taught the importance of strategy in running a business. Although it may sound nerdy, I found playing board games to be useful in practicing strategy. Specifically, creating a game plan and knowing the end goal to move forward accordingly. Playing board games is a great platform to practice and refine those skills. Be it Chess, Chinese Checkers or any of the deck-building strategy games, it is always important to know how to construct and execute a strategy. Perhaps one of the most important abilities when playing board games is the ability to read your opponent’s mind. Anticipating the strike of your opponent can make you a more agile MBA student and professional. (more…)

Alumni Update: Where are They Now?

thumbnail_HarrisonDanielle Harrison, Crosby MBA ’11

Danielle Harrison is a 2011 Crosby MBA graduate, new mom, and commercial lending officer at Landmark Bank. After graduating from the MBA program in May 2011, Danielle began working for Commerce Bank as a commercial lender. After four years she decided to make a job transition that allowed her to work at Landmark Bank’s headquarters in Columbia, MO. Danielle currently manages a large portfolio while working on complicated credit requests and performing cross-departmental work within the organization. Outside of her time spent at work and as a first-time mom, Danielle is actively involved in the Columbia community with organizations such as the Rotaract of Columbia, Heart of Missouri Girls on the Run and the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Missouri Chapter. She is also co-leader for the MBA Alumni Association for Mid-Missouri. (more…)

Alumni Spotlight: Consulting in Nicaragua (Part 4)

Katie Wehmeyer taking photos at a volcano.

Katie Wehmeyer taking volcano photos.

“It was the perfect mix of human-centered consulting, economic development, Latin America, and coffee.”

Katie Wehmeyer, a 2016 Crosby MBA graduate with an interest in Entrepreneurship, saw the January 2017 trip to Nicaragua as an opportunity to learn by doing—an experience she grew to love and embrace during her time in the MBA program. “After graduating,” she says, “I started to re-appreciate all of the projects we had in the program, and how they exposed me to so many different industries and different problems to be solved.” Now working in a full-time position as a Biodesign & Innovation Fellow at Mizzou, she spends a great deal of her time working in the technology innovation space. By immersing herself in this opportunity and traveling outside of her comfort zone, she knew she would benefit from becoming even more well-rounded in the social sector of innovation, while also having a lot of fun. (more…)