From Lab Coat to Cowboy Boots: My Journey with Rabo AgriFinance

“Working at Rabo AgriFinance as a Business Risk intern was a dream come true. I not only enjoyed the work I was doing, but was passionately involved in the process as well.”

I had never pictured myself being associated with any financial institution mainly because I have always associated finance to be the field filled with people with “super brains” who are awesome at math. Having none of them in my possession (or so I believed), I was pleasantly surprised when I received an invitation to interview from Rabo AgriFinance. My interview proved to be more like a flowing conversation than a formal question and answer session. I remember telling my peers afterwards, “I think I messed up my chance because I just did not stop talking.” Luckily, this proved far from true as I was extended an offer to join the team as a Business Risk intern.

Rabo AgriFinance was everything I never expected my summer internship to be. From the very first day, they never placed barriers between full-time employees and interns. The culture at Rabo is their key selling point, in my opinion. The people are warm, welcoming and helpful in every way. Rabo operates by two sets of values that they strongly believe in: the brand values and the core values, including professionalism, sustainability, and respect among others. However, it was my personal experience that every single employee who works there consistently goes above and beyond those practices. (more…)

MBA Student Makes Goals a Reality at Nation’s Largest Pharmacy Benefit Manager

My time at Express Scripts allowed me to learn and grow in multiple aspects of my life. I gained networking skills and applied concepts I learned in class to my internship tasks. Above all, I created positive change by helping others.

As an undergraduate, I was asked many times what career path I intended to pursue. With several majors and career tracks to choose from, I struggled to come up with a sufficient answer. To help me sort through the clutter, I decided to establish a professional goal to guide my decisions. I realized that at the end of the day, I wanted to ensure everything I did supported one goal: “Create positive change by helping others.” It then became clear that a Health Sciences degree corresponds with that goal. I decided to explore various career paths that would allow me to draw on my experience holding many leadership positions and my enjoyment for the competitive side of business. After getting to know several professionals whose careers focused more on business than the traditional clinical route, I realized that there is an impressive number of companies working to create a positive change in the healthcare space. Through several internships at companies like The Resource Group, the supply chain subsidiary of Ascension Health, I understood how business skills can have a direct effect on the life of a patient or even an entire healthcare system. It was at this point that I knew a Masters in Business Administration was the next step in achieving my professional goal. (more…)

33 Students + 7 Days of Orientation = Countless Connections Built and Friendships Made

“…Armed with great resources, we are able to make better decisions with clarity of purpose and direction.”

Crosby MBA: We’ll Show You Opportunity

OrvilOrvil Savery is a first year Crosby MBA student pursuing an emphasis in Management. He has dedicated the last five years of his professional career to recruiting and cultivating an inclusive and diverse company workforce in which every employee can deliver results in their own unique ways. He serves as the Graduate Assistant for the Vasey Academy and as the 1st year policy representative for the MBA student association (CMBAA) where he works on developing and implementing policy objectives. When not working, you can find him dancing awkwardly at an EDM festival or trying to figure out which documentary he should add to his Netflix queue (and never watch).

Recently, I had the privilege and honor of being the Instagram Orientation Guide for the Crosby MBA 2017 fall class. This year’s fall class saw 33 inspiring MBA students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experiences engage in the three pillars on which the program is built: career, curriculum, and community.

The experience has laid the foundation for the next two years of our lives. Keep reading to get a first-hand account of how it went down.


Crosby MBA Students Gain Experiences and Provide Results

Crosby MBA: We’ll Show You Jobs.

Over the summer, Crosby MBA students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in coursework and team projects as interns at highly-regarded companies.  Taking on a variety of roles, these individuals gain valuable real-world experiences under the mentorship of senior-level leaders that further equip them with the skills needed to take on upper-level, post-graduation positions. Read on to learn more about their experiences.

Babyak, Megan- Nationwide

Megan Babyak: Nationwide – Columbus, Ohio
Role: IT Analyst Intern in the Financial Department
Megan had the opportunity to work in the Individual Products and Solutions (IPS) department at Nationwide Financial. As a Test Analyst, her primary project was focused on locating inefficiencies within the IPS team as well as implementing ways to increase overall productivity. To accomplish this, she prepared detailed specifications, requirements, scope documents, and login flowcharts to implement these modifications. Additionally, Megan performed system testing, validated output, created and modified test scripts, and updated default policy lists, thus saving senior analysts 100+hours. Finally, she was selected as a representative on the IT Intern Council, where she assisted in providing recommendations on how to improve the internship program for the future. She says her time spent working on team projects while in the Crosby MBA program prepared her to take the lead on projects, feel comfortable presenting to executives, and collaborate with ease in the work environment.